APPNOTE: Connecting a 10:1 current clamp to the PM7000

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Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

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In addition to the provided Rogowski Coils the input channels on the PM7000 can be configured to work with voltage output current clamps. This application note shows the steps a user must go through to configure the inputs to work with a 10:1 voltage output clamp. Instructions for other input ratios such as 100:1 are similar.

Setting up the input

Starting from the Main Menu:

main menu screen

Click on Configure:

configure screen

Click on Input Signals

input signals screen

If a Secondary CT (current Transformer) ratio is specified then click on the Secondary CT button to turn it off

turn off secondary CT

Click on 0-1V rms.

select 0 to 1 volt RMS

Then click on the ratio (here shown as 1000:1)

main menu screen

Enter the input ratio and click Accept

enter the input ratio

Review the input settings and click on Accept

accept changes

Finally click Back to return to the main menu.