PM7000 Kit

Product Upgrades & Accessories

All of the accessories that we offer are of high quality that complement the high level performance of our products.

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We off upgrades for existing products as well as accessories for you to get the most out of your equipment.

Product Upgrades


Upgrade your instrument to Record Interharmonics and Increase Sample Speed

Interharmonic Upgrade

Interharmonic Measurements and Individual Harmonics from the 51st to the 127th

High Speed Upgrade

Increase Sample Rate to 153.6k samples per sec.

Turbo Upgrade

Increase Sample Rate to 1228.8k samples per sec.

Ethernet Upgrade

Upgrade to include Ethernet capabilities

PM7000 Kit


Upgrade to record Harmonics and Flicker and to take DC measurement

Harmonics and Flicker Upgrade

Flicker Measurements and Individual Harmonics to the 15th. N.B. Total Harmonic Distortion measured to the 25th as standard.

Bluetooth Upgrade

Upgrade to include Bluetooth capabilities

New! DC Measurement Upgrade

Upgrade to include DC Measurement (Available for most PM3000s currently out in the field)

New! 8MB Memory Upgrade

Upgrade memory capacity to 8MB

New! 16MB Memory Upgrade

Upgrade memory capacity to 16MB

New! 32MB Memory Upgrade

Upgrade memory capacity to 32MB

PM3000 Complete Kit


Upgrade to enhance communication options with your analyser

Bluetooth Upgrade

Upgrade to include Bluetooth capabilities

PM1000 Complete Kit


Portable Net Book

Compatible for use with all of our Power Master products. PMScreen, the PMSeries user interface, has already been preloaded onto your net book for immediate use.

  • Available with a 10″ Screen

Android Tablet or Mobile Phone

For use with Bluetooth enabled Power Master Products.

PMScreen, the PMSeries user interface, has already been preloaded onto your device for immediate use.

Android Tablet

Pronto for Windows

Comprehensive data analysis software

A full-featured Windows-based program providing all you will need to analyse, report and manage data from, and communicate with, a Power Master analyser.

View More Details

Pronto Software

Product Bags

These soft, durable and attractive purpose built bags allow you to transport your instruments and all the relevant cables and sensors with ease.

  • PM7000 Bag
  • PM3000 Bag
  • PM2000 Bag
  • PM1000 Bag

PM Product Bag

Durable Case for Transport

Although the members of our PMSeries are durable products and are fit for transport, if you want that extra piece of mind this watertight, crushproof, and dust proof case can give the instrument that extra bit of protection.

  • 42.5 x 28.4 x 15.5 cm (16.75″ x 11.18″ x 6.12″)
  • Alternative sizes available to order.

(PM7000 and accessories bought separately)

PM Touch Case

Six Pocket Tool Roll

As seen with PM3000 kit

Fitted with clips to attach to a belt or bag straps for practical hands free access.

Fused voltage leads bought separately

Six Pocket Tool Roll

High Quality, Flexible Rogowski Coils

In the Range:

  • Colour coding possible in Brown, Black, White, Blue, Green & Red
  • 24″ (60cm) (max conductor size 8″) in stock
  • Other lengths available to order (e.g. 12″ (30cm), 36″ (90cm), 48″ (120cm) etc.)
  • Very thin “Bootlace” coils (<6mm) available

Rogowski Coils

Fused Voltage Probes

Safety Rating 1000V Cat III (600V Cat IV)

In the Range:

  • Colours available are white, grey, black, brown, red, blue and green
  • Braided or unbraided
  • 98″ (250cm)

Fused Voltage Probes

Voltage Probe Extension cables

In the Range:

  • Colours available are white, grey, black, brown, red, blue and green
  • 13.5″ (34.5cm)

Voltage Probe Extension

Common Neutral Lead

Link leads used to Hook-Up both the PM3000 and the PM7000.

  • Available in Blue and White.

For help with your PM7000 Hook-Ups refer to our Hook-Up checklist, available to buy in durable hard copy.

Common Neutral Lead

Low current CT O-10 AMPS

(0 to 10Amps equals 0 to 1Volt)

Package includes parts needed for connection with Outram Power Master analysers:

  • Dual safety 4mm socket to BNC male converter
  • BNC extension

Infra-Red Sensor to USB Cable

Compatible for use with the PM1000 and PM2000

Infra Red Sensor to USB

AC/DC 12V Charger

Compatible for use with PM2000,PM3000 and PM7000.

AC/DC 12v Charger

Replacement Battery pack (PM7000)

Replacement Battery pack for the PM7000.

PM7000 Replacement Battery Pack

Replacement fuses (PM7000)

  • 150mA
  • 315mA
  • 500mA

Replacement Fuse

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…PM3000 is the best product in my shop

The reason I think your PM3000 is the best product in my shop is the reliability and the software. I use 5 different brands of recorders and this one by far has been the most reliable. The software updates are great, with the 60 day reminders. The layout of the software and every single function make it simple and user friendly unlike most products.

Greg Ellis, Electrical District #3, Arizona USA, 2014