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We offer on-site surveys across the UK and abroad.

Find out:

We tailor our Power Monitoring or Fault Level surveys to your needs, producing a comprehensive report where appropriate, installing and removing the analyser(s) at your convenience.

Site Surveys We Offer

Outram products have been used for Power Quality surveys and troubleshooting internationally for over 30 years. Due to increased demand Outram Research now has a dedicated on-site measurement team of its own!

We offer on-site power monitoring including Harmonics Surveys, Fault Level and Power Quality Surveys as well as Energy Audits and Troubleshooting across the UK and abroad, whether you are power generation, industrial, renewables, marine or offshore.

We offer:

Power Quality Surveys

G5/4 Surveys

Power Factor Survey

Harmonics Surveys to the 100th Harmonic

Energy Audits

Troubleshooting Power Problems

Parasitic Load Surveys

Marine Power Quality Surveys

Offshore Electrical Testing

Fault Level Assessment

Firm Frequency Response Testing (FFR Testing)

CHP Testing

Solar Farm and Wind Farm Surveys

Flicker Surveys

Cable Fault Location

And more…. Don’t see what you need? Contact us to ask if we can do it. For more information on each type of survey or examples of work we have done, please get in touch.

We can also offer closely associated testing such as Oil Sample Testing.

Since we are independent we can be treated as an independent third party for measurements over a dispute.

What Instruments do we use?

For most of the on-site power monitoring we carry out, we use our PM7000TI (Turbo with Interharmonics). For Prospective Fault Level Monitoring we use our PM7000FLM. Where DC measurement is required we will use either our PM3000DC or PM7503, both of which can measure DC.

For Cable Fault Location or FFR testing we may borrow ancillary equipment from our Partners for the project.

Industries We Cover

We are happy and qualified to visit many different types of site, including but not limited to:

  • Power Generation
    • Combined Heat and Power Plants
    • EfW
    • Solar Installations
    • Wind Farms
    • Hydro Electric Plants
  • Industrial
    • Recycling / Materials Handling
    • Data Centres
    • Waste Processing Plants
    • Water Treatment Sites
    • Hospitals
    • Fuel Handling Facilities
    • Agriculture
    • Steel Works
    • Ports & Marine
    • Logistics Centres
    • Airports
    • Petro – Chemical
    • Food & Beverage
  • Marine
    • Dive Support Vessels (DSV)
    • Supply & Anchor Handling Vessels
    • Survey Vessels
    • Bulk Carriers
    • Heavy Lift Vessels
    • Cruise Ship
  • Offshore
    • Oil Platform
    • Jack up Drill Platform
    • Gas Platform
    • HVDC Substations
  • Residential
  • Hotels


We have fully qualified Power Quality Engineers who can come to your site, whether it’s on land or at sea, to carry out a large selection of survey work or power quality troubleshooting. They have CSCS, JIB and Blue Water cards as well as being First Aid, BOSIET, EBS, Personal Marine Survival and HUET qualified.

Larger Jobs with multiple Power Quality or Fault Level Monitors

We have a large hire fleet available for multi-monitor jobs. For especially large jobs we are in the unique position to be able to manufacture more of our analysers if necessary so don’t hesitate to approach us with your requirements.

Job timings

Need a job carried out overnight or on a weekend? We understand the complexities of on-site monitoring. If you need us to come outside of normal working hours, we’ll be happy to accommodate you wherever possible.

What Reports Can We Generate?

If you would like a report for your On-Site Survey we are happy to produce one for you using our bespoke Software Pronto For Windows.

Each report is tailor-made for your job or project depending on your requirements.

Our most commonly requested survey is our G5/4 Survey, comparing your site against the ENA Recommendation G5/4, with additional power quality information from your site included. See below some example pages from one of our reports. Get in touch for a full example G5/4 report.

Please note, we are also ready for G5/5 when it comes out which is reported to include measurement requirements up to the 100th Harmonic.

We also provide Fault Level Reports complete with 3D graphics generated in Pronto, used for Fault Level Analysis.

Carry Out Your Own Surveys

You can also carry out your own Surveys, both Power Quality and Fault Level by hiring one or multiple analysers from us.

We have 5 models of Analyser for Hire:

PM1000HF for Single Phase Troubleshooting and Energy Testing.

PM3000HFB for 3 phase Energy Surveys and Load Monitoring. DC measurement available.

PM7000TI for G5/4 Surveys, in-depth 3 phase Power Quality Troubleshooting and Harmonics Surveys. Automatic G5/4 Reports available in Pronto to enable quick harmonics and power quality report generation.

PM7000FLM for Fault Level Monitoring (and all the Power Quality measurements available using a PM7000S). Enhanced Frequency measurement available for Firm Frequency Response (FFR) Testing.

PM7503 Panel Mount Power Quality Analyser with enhanced frequency measurement. DC measurement available.

Want to create your own report?

Pronto makes report generation easy since you can create an automatic G5/4 survey with a few clicks within Pronto, or copy and paste graphs and tables from Pronto straight into MSWord.

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…PM3000 is the best product in my shop

The reason I think your PM3000 is the best product in my shop is the reliability and the software. I use 5 different brands of recorders and this one by far has been the most reliable. The software updates are great, with the 60 day reminders. The layout of the software and every single function make it simple and user friendly unlike most products.

Greg Ellis, Electrical District #3, Arizona USA, 2014
…calculation of fault level trivial in comparison to the ‘manual’ methods

The Outram equipment (and associated software) makes calculation of fault level trivial in comparison to the ‘manual’ methods.

Rob Weller, Rina Consulting, UK Power Networks Earth Fault Level Project
Outram PM7000FLM proved capable of reliably assessing Fault Level

The Outram PM7000FLM and associated software proved to be capable of reliably assessing / calculating fault level from both repeated low-level steps, as well as one-off larger pulses.

Rob Weller, Rina Consulting, UK Power Networks Earth Fault Level Project, March 2018
….Commendable for its ease of use and portability

The Outram equipment is commendable for its ease of use and portability.

Rob Weller, Rina Consulting, UK Power Networks Earth Fault Level Project
The Outram PM7000FLM … software made analysis of fault-current straightforward

We found the Outram PM7000FLM useful for capturing data, and its software made analysis of fault-current straightforward. Other methods of data capture can be used, but would require further development to accurately give fault level information; the area where the FLM scores is its ease of use, and also that statistical analysis is applied over the whole test period, rather than at a ‘snapshot’ of one event as our analysis. This makes it less prone to noise and other disturbances on the system.

Rob Weller, Rina Consulting, UK Power Networks Earth Fault Level Project, March 2018
Bluetooth functionality with PMScreen and real time monitoring is sensational.

Thank you so much for attending to [my support query], and so quickly! Very impressed with these [PM3000] power analysers and the Bluetooth functionality with PMScreen and real time monitoring is sensational.

Euan Galbally, Operations Project Engineer - Supply Restoration, SSE.
Fault Level Monitors to Validate ENWL RESPOND Project Network models

Fault level monitors – Outram fault level monitors have been installed at seven [Electricity North West] Respond [Project] sites. These monitors will validate our network model and the Fault Level Assessment Tool. Electricity North West Ltd RESPOND Project Newsletter, May 2016.

Electricity North West Ltd RESPOND Project Newsletter, May 2016.
Your kit knocks spots of the bigger manufacturers

Your kit knocks spots of the bigger manufacturers.

Andrew Williams, MD, Smart Electrical Systems, Sept 2018
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