APPNOTE: Installing PmScreen on an Android Device

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Last Reviewed: July 7, 2023

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  • All Users of Android devices with the PM1000, PM2000, PM3000 or PM7000.


The PM1000, PM2000 and PM7000 do not have a built in display. The user interface is displayed remotely either on a personal computer or on an Android or Windows CE device using a special piece of software called PmScreen.
This application note details the steps required to install PmScreen on your Android device.

Before you start

Check your Android device is Android Version 2.3 or later. To find out which Android version your device is running, click on Settings then About Phone or About Tablet .

You will need a copy of PmScreen.apk, the installer file for PmScreen for Android. PmScreen.apk can be found in your Pronto4w directory, if Pronto 5.71 or later is installed on your computer, If you have an older version of Pronto installed then run PmUpdate and PmScreen.apk will be downloaded for you.

Installing PmScreen on your Android Device

Note: On your phone you will need to authorise downloads from unknown sources. Under “Settings,” select “Application Settings” and then enable “Unknown Sources”. Don’t forget to switch the authorisation back on when you are finished.

Here are four ways of installing PmScreen.apk onto your android device:

1. On your computer copy PmScreen.apk into the root directory of an SD card, put it into the phone or tablet and search for your new app. You may need to download an APK installer or file manager onto your device from the Android Market in order to find the new file on your phone. There is an app called “Appinstaller” you can download. Once installed, click on the app. and you should see your file listed there.

2. You can connect your phone to your computer via a USB lead. Open the computer explorer, navigate to the phone’s SD card and copy over PmScreen.apk. Once that’s done, safely unplug your phone and search for your new app. (Again you may need the appinstaller.)

3. If you have email on your phone you can email the file to it and open and save it on your device.

4. Upload PmScreen.apk to your cloud or hosting space and either e-mail yourself a link or browse to the location using the Android Browser.

Finally connect to your Logger. Make sure Bluetooth communication is enabled on your phone, open PmScreen, search for other Bluetooth devices in the area and select the one you want.

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