APPNOTE: Pronto for Windows Revision History

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Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

The information in the article applies to:

  • Pronto for Windows Release 5.xx ( NOT for the 6.xx Releases ).

Target Audience

This article is aimed at:

  • All users of Pronto for Windows 5.xx.

Significant new functions in official releases

Current 5.xx series Pronto Release is 5.74 released on 13 Aug 2014. see here for detailed revision information

Build Revision Release Date New functions
170 Release 5.74 Wed 06 Aug 2014 Math Stream Templates.
169 Release 5.73 Wed 12 Mar 2014 PM7000 Fault Level Monitor support.
Gemini TinyTag Logger support.
Thermo SmartView Import support.
158 Release 5.69 Fri 18 Nov 2011 Added support for PM1020.
157 Release 5.68 Wed 7 Sept 2011 Enhanced Arrange Axis dialog.
154 Release 5.66 Mon 11 Oct 2010 PQDif and native Excel export.
152 Release 5.65 Tue 08 June 2010 Major enhancements to View Template selection and organization.
142 Release 5.59 Wed 25 Feb 2009 Windows Vista and support for PM7000 high speed waveform capture.
136 Release 5.53 Wed 02 Jul 2008 PM7000 harmonic analysis support.
133 Release 5.50 Tue 05 Jun 2007 PM7000 support.
124 Release 5.39 Mon 18 Apr 2005 PM3000-Y with flicker support.
PM2000-Y with flicker support.
AP310 Process Logger support
123 Release 5.38 Mon 21 Feb 2005 PM3000-Y with harmonics support.
122 Release 5.37 Tue 10 Jan 2005 PM1000 single phase Logger support.
121 Release 5.36 Tue 04 Oct 2004 PM3000-C six current input Logger support.
120 Release 5.35 Tue 10 Aug 2004 Startup Assistant
AP300 Adaptive Process Logger support.
119 Release 5.34 Thu 03 Jun 2004 Annotations.
118 Release 5.33 Fri 30 Apr 2004 PM2000 meter Logger support.
113 Release 5.30 Mon 17 Nov 2003 Math data stream generation.
105 Release 5.19 Fri 23 May 2003 PM6000 with waveform capture support.
101 Release 5.16 Fri 30 Aug 2002 PM3000 download and configuration support.
Graph legend shows trace statistics.
97 Release 5.12 Wed 12 Jun 2002 Import multiple files,
Sv100 compressed format import.
96 Release 5.11 Thu 04 Apr 2002 Print, Pan and Repeat
95 Release 5.10 Fri 08 Mar 2002 View Templates.
91 Release 5.05 Mon 01 Oct 2001 Project data copy and paste,
Meta file support,
Modeless control panel.
89 Release 5.04 Mon 16 Jul 2001 PM6000 rev 124 math functions,
Sv100 binary and text format import.
87 Release 5.03 Thu 12 Apr 2001 CSV file import,
user entered serial port names
85 Release 5.01 Fri 01 Dec 2000 MDM, CFG, DTA file drag and drop,
resizable control panel and session properties dialogs
82 Release 5.00 Fri 06 Oct 2000 First 32 bit windows release
PM6000 download and decoding support,
PM6000 configuration support,
Check Logger Status scheduled event,
Scheduled Event macros,
Graph-Trace-Cursor dialog,
Graph-Trace-Level dialog,
Graph Settings options

Detailed release information / bug fixes

Changes to Release 5.74 (build 170) 06 Aug 2014 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Changed: Graph after decode functions removed.
2. Changed: Reworded “Leave Project Open” to “Close After Decode”.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Support for math functions in View Templates. Math Streams are generated as required.
2. Improved: Various functions now available when a single non-selected graph exists on the view.
3. Improved: Forwards compatible with new view format used by Pronto Beta 6.10 (build 230).
4. Improved: Messages displayed when objects are outside margins or printable area.
5. Changed:  Save format updated to 1.09 to support (3). Saved views will not open in previous versions.
6. Changed:  Graph after decode functions removed.
Pronto Tables
1. Fixed: Cannot generate table with “By Waveform” as a row interval.

Changes to Release 5.73 (build 169) 12 Mar 2014 (Win32 build)

1. Improved: Utilities installed on the TOOLS menu that require elevation, now launch correctly on Vista and later systems.
2. Improved: Pronto no longer uses registry and directory virtualisation.
3. Fixed: Message “Requested Operation requires Elevation” when launching PmUpdate on some Vista and later systems.

Changes to Beta 168 (build 168) 29 Sept 2013 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for revised Fault Level format introduced in PM7000 Firmware 1.208.
1. Improved: PmUpdate launches with correct access rights under Vista/7 (NT6.0) and later.

Changes to Beta 167 (build 167) 26 Jul 2013 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Improved: PM7000 Waveform Extented events merged together to appear as a single event.
2. Fixed: CSV Import “empty last token” bug.

Changes to Beta 166 (build 166) 04 Jun 2013 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for Encrypted Compressed SmartView (.EMP) file import.
1. Added: Support for “Function Keys” accessed through HELP-ABOUT to enble special functions.
2. Added: Support for “User Encryption Key” for SmartView Files.

Changes to Beta 165 (build 165) 15 Feb 2013 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Fault Level data is saved to the project if present in raw data files.
Pronto Views
2. Improved: Printable area shown on a view (except in scale to windows mode).

Changes to Beta 164 (build 164) 20 Oct 2012 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: RMS Event now Imported if present in the Raw Data file.
2. Improved: Increased database cache size on modern systems.

Changes to Beta 163 (build 163) 16 Aug 2012 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Import of Gemini TinyTag comma separated variable (CSV) files.

Changes to Release 5.71 (build 162) 30 July 2012 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Fixed: Reading configuration fails when Logger date is set after 19 Jan 2038.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Wave Ranking Category to the Project.
1. Changed: Graph / Harmonic / Table Assistant and other dialogs enlarged to improve usability.

Changes to Release 5.70 (build 159) 16 Jan 2012 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Math Average data stream generator may give incorrect results for Interval recording data (General Parameters).
2. Fixed: Cannot save a second session to a different project.
Pronto Tables
1. Renamed: “Reports” to “Tables” throughout Pronto (menus, dialogs etc). To ensure distinction with compliance reports which are coming soon.
Pronto Views
1. Changed: Pronto View File version incremented to support new parameters.
1. Renamed: “AC Snapshot” to “Waveform” (on zoom by and pan by dialogs).

Changes to Release 5.69 (build 158) 18 Nov 2011 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Support for the PM1020 Split Phase Logger with 2 volts and 2 current channels.
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: Optimised database buffers on 64 bit Vista and Windows 7 platforms. Better performance when graphing or storing large data-streams.
1. Fixed: three menu items stopped working due to the shortcut display added in Release 5.68.

Changes to Release 5.68 (build 157) 07 Sept 2011 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Registration of MBServer is more robust under a restricted account on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Changes to Beta 155 (build 155) 23 June 2011 (Win32 build).

Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for PM3000 with DC measurement as of Rev 2.124.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Channel naming support for PM7000 Fault Level monitoring channels (no configuration support).
2. Added: Support for 2 hour General Parameter interval (added to PM7000 at Rev 1.031).
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Arrange Axis dialog completely revised with new user interface.
1. Improved: FILE – PAGE SETUP dialog usability improved.
2. Improved: Print and Print Preview now calculate page numbers correctly.

Changes to Release 5.66 (build 154) 11 Oct 2010 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Project name not given when browse dialog show after project moved.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Arrange Axis now enabled when no graph selected if a single graph is present.
2. Fixed: View template containing transient traces are corrupt after save (Broken in build 152).
Pronto Reports
1. Added: Export Report to native Excel format (on systems with Office 97 or later installed).
2. Added: Export Report to PQDif format.
1. Added: TOOL – GRAPH TEMPLATES menu item opens template organiser.

Changes to Release 5.65 (build 152) 8 June 2010 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for PM7000 power factor channels with 3 decimal places as of Rev 1.092.
2. Added: Support for PM7000 harmonic phase angle between volts and current as of Rev 1.092.
3. Improved: When configuring a PM7000, memory control page gives recording size information for all three variants.
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: Default data stream names and functions now use hook-up i.e. instead of “Vac rms of V1” name is now “Vac rms of Van”.
2. Improved: Multiple raw data files can be imported to the same project with a single click on “Autosave”.
3. Improved: Progress dialog shown during Project upgrade.
4. Improved: When importing a CSV file the new Project name is derived from the CSV filename.
5. Improved: Cancel dialog shown during DTA file export.
6. Fixed: Config now shown when right-clicking on general parameter sessions.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Completed support for View Templates.
2. Improved: Y Axis limits can now be set to fixed as well as manual and auto mode.
3. Fixed: Zoom Next for Transients now works correctly when a view is re-opened.
4. Fixed: Alarm Levels no longer shown at zero for waveform snapshots.
1. Improved: New pictures used for Logger selection in Startup Assistant step 3.
2. Improved: PVT file extension now registered to Pronto for Windows.

Changes to Beta 151 (build 151) 20 May 2010 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Improved: Default data stream names and functions now use hook-up i.e. instead of “Vac rms of V1” name is now “Vac rms of Van”.
Pronto Views
1. Added: further enhancements to View Template save-as dialog.

Changes to Beta 150 (build 150) 16 Apr 2010 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: Message “The Logger change mode request has timed-out” when stopping a PM7000 recording with a large number of wave forms.
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: New Project now defaults to the last used directory rather than always starting from the default.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Format Pattern now allows the selection of any color for any item in a View.
2. Improved: Harmonic Analysis now allows up to the 127th harmonic.
3. Fixed: Problem with alignment of horizontal text that is not left aligned on systems with any right to left fonts present.

Changes to Beta 149 (build 149) 23 Feb 2010 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Adaptive records from the PM7000 get truncated at 64 MB per channel.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Enhanced tree based template selection dialog.
2. Improved: Assign Data-Streams dialog.

Changes to Beta 148 (build 148) 21 Jan 2010 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for 400A Rogowski input in the PM3000.
Pronto Views.
1. Added: Create New View using Defaults and Create New View using Graph Assistant.
2. Improved: Select Template Dialog now displays a preview of the selected template.
3. Improved: selecting “Copy” on the legend puts the legend text on the clipboard.

Changes to Release 5.64 (build 147) 02 Dec 2009 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Changed: Removed address book entries for HA5000, Harmonics Power Logger, Ranger 3 and Ranger 4 series (applies to new installations only).
Pronto Views
1. Fixed: On the Graph Zoom dialog, Zoom to first day or week is offset by the local time-zone.
1. Added: “under the hood” changes to allow Pronto to run without installation off a USB Flash Drive or read-only CDROM.
1. Fixed: Message “Failed to update registry” no longer appears at startup on restricted user accounts.
2. Fixed: Message “ODBC logon failed” should no longer appear as the ODBC entry is automatically checked at startup.
3. Fixed: View License dialog now positions cancel button correctly.

Changes to Release 5.63 (build 146) 18 Sept 2009 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Changed: Serial transmission now uses one stop bit (required to support revised Prolific USB to Serial converter).
Logger Configuration
1.Added: Support for new PM3000 hook-ups (4 wire delta, 3 wire 3 element delta and single phase).
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: Import Multiple files dialog now includes column for file size.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Auto-pan dialog. Allows each “zoom next” item to be sequenced through automatically.
2. Improved: Harmonic analysis on PM7000 waveform data uses revised interpolation routine as as in PM7000 Rev 1.091.
3. Fixed: Hang when creating a Harmonic table when harmonic number is greater than 63.
1. Improved: More information given in tool-tips.
2. Fixed: Crash in File New dialog when a double-click misses all the icons.

Changes to Release 5.62 (build 145) 27 July 2009 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: bug in PM7000 waveform capture data decode when capture length after event is set to zero in the Logger.
2. Fixed: bug in PM7000 waveform capture data decode when high speed samples at two or more different rates are present just after the last low speed sample in a series of captured waves.
3. Fixed: Import Preprocessor now hidden when importing data from a CSV file.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Harmonic analysis on PM7000 waveform data now works to the 100th Harmonic.
2. Changed: Default data stream grouping is “all together” instead of “by units”. Only affects new installations.
3. Changed: Default axis arrangement is “left stacked” instead of “left and right stacked”. Only affects new installations.
4. Changed: Default gridline style is dotted instead of a thin solid line. Only affects new installations.

Changes to Release 5.61 (build 144) 17 June 2009 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Download data pre-processor. Converts PM7000 harmonic data from a value in Vac or Aac to a percent ratio with respect to the fundamental.
2. Fixed: Crash when using the max – min – average Math Datastream function.
3. Improved: PM7000 waveform capture data decoded.
4. Improved: When creating a Math Datastream using the average or max – min – average functions the warning about inprecise results is based on one minute for PM7000 adaptive data (this product now closes each adaptive record every minute).
5. Improved: Added 2 minute and 1 minute intervals to the average and the max – min – average Math Datastream functions.
6. Improved: Progress dialog updates correctly during Math Datastream generation.
Pronto Views
1. Fixed: Harmonic direction now correct for a Single Phase hook-up on the PM7000.
2. Improved: Zoom – Graph dialog now includes button to select first hour, first day or first week.
3. Improved: Graph Assistant Step 2 now includes button to select first hour, first day or first week.
4. Improved: A trace inserted on a graph now uses the default trace type (line, avg, max or min) rather than always being a line trace.
5. Changed: New graph title, subtitle and caption no longer uses the last entered text.
1. Fixed: When opening multiple projects from within Windows Explorer using right-click-OPEN more than one instance of Pronto started.
2. Fixed: problem with most recently used file list being empty on Windows Vista.
3. Improved: Assign Datastreams dialog is now resizeable.
4. Improved: Insert Trace dialog is now resizeable.

Changes to Release 5.60 (build 143) 5 May 2009 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Crash when importing PM7000 waveform capture when sequential capture events are more than 31 hours apart.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Tool-Tips to various graph items.
2. Improved: Graph formatting dialogs now re-open at the same screen location as last used.
3. Improved: Added Set as Default button to PAN dialog.
4. Changed: Default pan is now 100 % (applies to new installations only).
1. Improved: Select Template dialog can now be resized.

Changes to Release 5.59 (build 142) 25 Feb 2009 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Startup assistant now offers Playback as well as Connect.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for High Speed waveform capture from the PM7000.
2. Fixed: Support for decoding Download data from the PM7000 on Windows Vista.
Pronto Views
1. Changed: minimum X axis time duration reduced to 100 uSecs from 1 millisec.
1. Added: Initial support for running Pronto from a USB Flash Drive without installation.
2. Improved: Pronto will now operate correctly under a restricted user account with PER machine settings when write access is granted to the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareRangerPronto for Windows

Changes to Release 5.58 (build 141) 05 Jan 2009 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1.Fixed: Message Timeout Occurred when connecting to a Ranger 2 or one of the derivatives (Broken in 5.57).

Changes to Release 5.57 (build 140) 19 Nov 2008 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1.Fixed: Hang when downloading a PM7000 over USB on a slow or heavily loaded Computer (also affects PmFiles).
2.Fixed: Occasional connection failures when talking to a powered down PM3000 over long cable runs.
1. Added: Pronto now prompts for the user to run PmUpdate every 60 days.
2. Improved: Pronto now uses the enhanced Browse for Folder dialog.
3. Changed: Pronto now stores all settings on a per user rather than per machine basis (affects new installations only).
4. Changed: Pronto now suggests the user documents folder instead of the windows folder if it does not have write access to the the application folder.
5. Changed: For new installations Pronto silently adds the ODBC entry instead of prompting.
5. Fixed: Context sensitive help (shift F1) for menu items on the TOOLS menu for external utilities was broken.
6. Fixed: External utilities were not appearing on the TOOLS menu when settings are on a per user basis.
7. Fixed: On the Startup Assistant step 1 the show at startup checkbox was not always saved.

Changes to Release 5.56 (build 139) 23 Sep 2008 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1.Added: Support for PM7000 IEEE1459 math functions.
2.Added: Support for PM7000 Apparent power with respect to the fundamental math function.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: “show summary dialog” checkbox when creating a new Project.
2. Fixed: On Windows Vista, the Logger Configuration is not saved with downloaded data.
3. Fixed: On Windows Vista, Pronto crashes while creating a new Project.
1. Improved:  TOOLS – OPTIONS – GENERAL – FILE LOCATIONS now creates directories if they do not exist.

Changes to Release 5.54 (build 137) 17 Jul 2008 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1.Added: Support for new AP310 pulse input math channel.
1. Fixed:  Flicker Long Term interval shown correctly as 2 hours (rather than 120 hours).
2. Changed:  HTML Help no longer displayed always on top.

Changes to Release 5.53 (build 136) 02 Jul 2008 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Communication link is checked for interference during initial connection.
2. Fixed: Correct error messages given for file system errors on the PM7000.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Support for Harmonic Charts and Harmonic Tables for Transient data from the PM7000.
2. Improved: Delete key now removes Datastreams from the Harmonic Chart and Table Datastreams dialog.
3. Improved: Page Margins now saved with a view or view template.
4. Improved: Show Statistics setting now saved with a view or view template.
5. Improved: Save As Defaults button added to Page Setup dialog.
6. Fixed: Bug causing corrupt display of an Harmonic Table when a Datastream is removed after table copied using Ctrl – Drag.
7. Changed: View file format to support new functions. Views saved by Pronto 5.53 or later are not compatible with previous versions.
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: bug causing import failure for SmartView files with a filename longer than 31 characters.
1. Added:  Pronto Help file is now in compiled html format.
2. Improved:  Pronto Help file includes a complete copy of the Knowledge-base.
3. Improved:  Stopped a second copy of Pronto running when double clicking on a Pronto File in Windows Explorer (the file is opened in the already running Pronto).
4. Fixed:  Various time entry fields now big enough for four digit year.

Changes to Release 5.52 (build 135) 20 Dec 2007 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Added: Inter-harmonic functions present in the PM7000 are now offered.
2. Improved: Information on memory usage page for the PM7000 now gives correct information for point store recordings.
3. Changed: Basic math 1,2 and 3 now under a single group called Basic / Misc for all Power Master Loggers.
4. Fixed: Some math functions present in the Logger were not offered for the 3 phase 2.5 element hook-up in the PM7000.
5. Fixed: Problems entering ratio for secondary transformers.
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: Files imported from a USB flash drive from the PM7000 are first copied to the “DataFile” directory (improves performance and ensures backup copy is kept).
1. Improved:    Pronto now appears in the system OPEN WITH dialog.
2. Improved:    File extension MDM is now associated with Pronto.

Changes to Release 5.51 (build 134) 29 Aug 2007 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Fixed: Incorrect Decimal Places set for power math functions for all products except PM7000 (broken in build 133).
Pronto Views
1. Improved: FILE – PAGE SETUP command now allows selection of printer.
Pronto Reports
1. Changed: Default report interval for recordings with a sample rate or 1 minute or faster is 5 minutes.
1. Added: HELP – CHECK FOR UPDATES command launches PmUpdate.exe and closes Pronto automatically.
2. Fixed: Crash when a clean install of Pronto is started for the first time on a computer with no serial ports (affected builds 132 and 133 only).

Changes to Release 5.50 (build 133) 05 Jun 2007 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: Input channel description is not always updated on the dialog when the channel function is changed.
2. Fixed: Memory control page now correctly limits at 16 MB (was 48 MB).
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Cause of termination incorrect for recordings from the PM7000.
2. Fixed: SQL data truncated error message while saving general parameter data to a project when session name is more than 24 characters.
Pronto Views
1. Fixed: Legend order does not match trace order when a saved view is re-opened.

Changes to Beta 132 (build 132) 23 Mar 2007 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Support for new STARTUP status code returned by the PM7000.
2. Fixed: PmScreen now uses same COM port and baud rate as selected Logger when launched from Pronto.
3. Fixed: Playback of a PM7000 over a bluetooth link using the “BroadCom” bluetooth drivers.
Logger Configuration
1. Added: Complete support for configuring the PM7000.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Data format Icons to Data stream and Session listings.
2. Added: Support for revised General Recording format in PM7000 Beta 0.251 and later.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: FILE – PAGE SETUP command now allows adjustment of margins (previously they were fixed at 0.5 inch inside printer limits).
2. Improved: FORMAT – ARRANGE AXIS command now allows the changes to the order of Traces.
3. Improved: Graph Assistant step 1 is now resizeable.
4. Fixed: Graph Legend order matches trace order.
1. Added: Create new file option to Startup Assistant.
2. Added: New Projects page under TOOL – OPTIONS menu, allows selection of initial Project category.
3. Added: New option on General page under TOOLS – OPTIONS menu, controls show / hide Startup Assistant.
4. Added: New option on Views page under TOOLS – OPTIONS menu, controls whether Accept Zoom dialog is shown when opening a view template.

Changes to Beta 131 (build 131) 21 Dec 2006 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Support for new STARTUP status code returned by the PM7000.
2. Fixed: Playback of a PM7000 over a bluetooth link using the “BroadCom” bluetooth drivers.
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Occasional crash when opening Projects due to uninitialised math function table (broken in Beta 130).

Changes to Beta 130 (build 130) 12 Dec 2006 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Incorporated Modbus support code into Pronto. Modbus32.DLL is no longer used.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Integrated download and decode of GLR files.
2. Fixed: Correct function names given for PM7000 inputs.
1. Changed: FILE NEW dialog shows different icon for each document type.
2. Fixed: FINISH button connects to Incorrect Logger on page 2 of startup assistant.

Changes to Beta 129 (build 129) 30 Nov 2006 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Support for Download of PM7000 including general recording files.
Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for Calculated RMS channels in the PM7000.
2. Changed: Layout of file summary page.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for import of PM7000 general recordings (.GLR).
Pronto Views
1 Improved: Defined default axis labels for various units (Flicker etc).

Changes to Beta 128 (build 128) 25 Oct 2006 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Limited Control Panel support for the PM7000.
2. Added: Support for 921600 baud for the PM7000.
3. Improved: Port description now given as well as name.
4. Improved: Logger Serial number recorded in Download log for each download.
Logger Configuration
1. Added: Limited support for the PM7000.
2. Improved: New pictorial hook-up selection dialog.
Pronto Views
1 Added: COPY AS BITMAP command to EDIT menu.
1. Improved: FILE NEW dialog now show icons for each document type.

Changes to Release 5.42 (build 127) 12 Dec 2005 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: “Unknown Status Returned” error message is no longer shown when the configuration is changed in a PM series or AP series Logger. Caused by the Logger becoming unresponsive while it saves the configuration changes to internal memory.

Changes to Release 5.41 (build 126) 28 Nov 2005 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Clock error between Logger and Computer is displayed when the question “Set Logger clock to computer time?” is asked during download.
2. Fixed: Bug causing “The system cannot find the device specified” message when connecting for download or control panel.Caused by the friendly name for the port being appended when using the “search for ports” facility.
Pronto Views
1. Fixed: Bug causing the View footer to be printed in a color other than black.

Changes to Release 5.40 (build 125) 13 Sept 2005 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Speed of COM port search on Address Book and Startup Assistant.
Logger Configuration
1. Fixed: Incorrect module and channel function listed for PM6000, PM3000, PM2000 and PM1000. Broken in Release 5.39.
Pronto Views
1. Added: EDIT-COPY now works on harmonic tables. This allows the text to be pasted into other applications.
2. Improved: Gridline width can now be changed using FORMAT GRIDLINES command. Can improve visibility on some printed Views.NOTE due to a limitation in Windows 98, dotted or dashed gridlines with a widthof anything other than the narrowest setting do not always display correctly.
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Short or long term flicker recordings contained an invalid first data point at zero.
2. Fixed: Problem with display of incorrect equation for math data streams.
3. Fixed: No error message is displayed when creating a new project file fails for some reason (e.g. disk full).

Changes to Release 5.39 (build 124) 13 April 2005 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Interval Average and Interval Max, Min, Avg Math functions now allow any time interval to be entered.
2. Improved: Default Address book contains entries for each product type.
3. Changed: User now asked if they want to set the clock after download.
Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for PM3000-Y with flicker.
2. Added: Support for PM2000-Y with flicker.
3. Added: Support for AP310 process Logger.
4. Improved: Warning message now shown for 3 phase power functions when number of decimal places in parent channels may allow overflow to occur in the Logger.
5. Fixed: Problems selecting Flicker math functions when configuring a PM1000 on-line.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Default text size for simple text now the same as that set for annotations.
2. Changed: Legend statistics now shown by default (on new Pronto installations).
3. Fixed: Problem with numbering of new views.
1 Improved: Serial port FIFO buffer settings initialised during installation.

Changes to Release 5.38 (build 123) 21 February 2005 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for PM3000-Y with harmonics.
2. Changed: A new configuration created for a PM series logger now has a Volts RMS function for each input channel. rather than just the first.
3. Changed: Default hook-up in new configurations for PM6000 and PM3000 Loggers is now 3 Phase 4 Wire Y (was uncommitted).
4. Changed: Default recording time to 7 days for the 1250 Series HPL, HA5000, PM6000, PM3000, PM3000-C, MSL and PM1000.
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Problem importing CSV files where text strings are enclosed in quotes.

Changes to Release 5.37 (build 122) 10 January 2005 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: PM1000 Single Phase Logger to Start-up Assistant.
2. Changed: Default baud rate for PmTools (PmScreen, PmMeter etc) is now 115200 to match the default in the PM1000 / 2000 / 3000 Loggers.
Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for configuring PM1000 Single Phase Logger.
2. Added: Support for Flicker functions in the PM1000 (sensation, short term, long term and flag).
Pronto Views
1. Fixed: Rounding error when drawing graph grid lines which can cause the gridlines to be off by one pixel at certain zooms.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Interval Max, Min and Average Math function.
2. Improved: Interval Average and Interval Max, Min, Avg Math functions now allow any time interval to be entered.
3. Improved: Data from short and long term Flicker channels is shifted by the Flicker interval during decoding.
4. Fixed: Wrap over problem causing phase inversion when decoding PM6000 Waveform capture files.
1. Fixed: Could not set Left and Right axis arrangement in TOOLS-OPTIONS-GRAPH DEFAULTS.

Changes to Release 5.36 (build 121) 04 October 2004 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Limited support for PM1000 Single Phase Logger.
2. Added: Support for PM3000-C with six current channels.
3. Fixed: Crash during download from Power Master Logger when session name is longer than 27 characters.
4. Fixed: Default port for new Pronto installation was COM2 even if this port does not exist.
5. Changed: Message asking user to cancel delayed start no longer shown for products that always start in this mode (PM2000 and PM1000).
Logger Configuration
1. Fixed: Incorrect decimal places set for 3 phase 4 wire voltage or current unbalance functions in Power Master Loggers. Causes Loggerresults to be scaled by a factor of 10. Bug present in all previous releases that support the Power Master series (from Release 5.00).
Pronto Views
1. Fixed: Zoom Next or Previous does not work when view reopened after Project file moved to a new path.
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Problem importing CSV or SV100 files on un-patched Windows 98 First edition.
1. Fixed: Startup Assistant may connect to the wrong Logger when new connection information is added.
2. Changed: APPLY button no longer shown on TOOLS-OPTIONS dialog.

Changes to Release 5.35 (build 120) 10 August 2004 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Support for AP300 adaptive store process monitor Logger.
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: 3, 6, 8, 12 and 24 hour intervals added to math datastream averaging function.
2. Fixed: Message “Syntax error in SQL statement” shown when deleting sessions or Datastreams.
3. Fixed: Meaningless Message “Save Changes to XXXXX” shown for a Pronto Project after Edit-Paste command used.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Support for graph duration ($d) field code in graph title, subtitle, caption or X axis title.
2. Fixed: Incorrect harmonic direction shown for PM3000 waveforms when hook-up is NOT 3 phase 4 wire wye or if complementary waveform is unavailable.
3. Fixed: “Insert difference for all traces” command on graph cursors dialog also gives value at cursor 1.
4. Fixed: Divide by zero error on Windows 9x/ME when creating a harmonic table from PM6000 when not all waveforms are available.
1. Added: Startup Assistant.
2.Changed: Most recently used file list now contains 8 items instead of 4.
3. Fixed: Problem opening a Pronto file from Explorer when Pronto is not running due to Tip of the day and Startup assistant dialogs being shown.

Changes to Release 5.34 (build 119) 03 June 2004 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: Crash when clicking on Run Now on scheduled events dialog immediately after creating the first schedule.
Logger Configuration
1. Fixed: Problem changing input channel calibration on a PM3000.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for saving, importing, exporting and graphing annotations.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Support for creating, drawing and formatting annotations.
2. Added: Zoom Back and Zoom Forward buttons to toolbar.
3. Improved: Format Property Sheet used for annotations and arrows.
4. Improved: Edit Text dialog now appears next to text being edited.
5. Improved: Examine functions only require that a graph is selected rather than a graph and a trace.
6. Improved: Objects can be deselected by holding down the <Ctrl> key and clicking on them.
7. Fixed: Problems with setting font type when multiple text objects selected.
8. Fixed: Object outlines drawn as a solid line during move and resize operations, when magnification is greater than 100%. (fixed on windows NT/2000/XP, still broken on 9x/ME).
1.Added: Default annotation font size specified under TOOLS-OPTIONS-GRAPH DEFAULTS.

Changes to Release 5.33 (build 118) 30 Apr 2004 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Button to launch PmScreen.exe utility to Logger Toolbar.
Logger Configuration
1. Changed: Hook-up selection page provides description of each hook-up type.
2. Changed: Hook-up diagram shown for the PM2000.
3. Changed: Reset to defaults for PM6000, PM3000 and PM2000 now also sets the first math channel to Volts RMS of V1.
4. Fixed: Module 3 incorrectly listed as Unknown for the PM2000.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Graph and Harmonic Cursor dialogs now correctly placed on a system with dual displays.
1.Added: Prompt to save created Views checkbox under TOOLS-OPTIONS-VIEWS.
2. Improved: Message, “Save changes To <xxx>” no longer shown once for each modified or created document during application exit. Save Modified Documents dialog shown instead.

Changes to Beta 117 (build 117) 24 Mar 2004 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Changed: Default record period for PM3000 is now 72 hours (was 8 hours).
Pronto Projects
1. Changed: A decoded time difference of a single sample period in sessions from First generation Ranger Loggers now produces a warning rather than an error.
2. Improved: Channel number now correctly displayed as V1 or V2 or I1 etc for transient data from the PM6000 (instead of channel 1 to 6).
3. Improved: CSV file import checks first line of file is valid before showing file type in Import Manager.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Dual cursor dialog Insert Values at Cursor 1 and Insert Values at Cursor 2 menu commands.
2. Added: Examine top level menu contains Cursor and Trace Level commands (moved from Graph command).
3. Fixed: Dual cursor dialog Insert Difference menu item now correctly named. Previously named Insert Both.
4. Fixed: Problem with drawing styled lines around text boxes and as graph border.
5. Fixed: Zoom Margin now used when entered in Graph Assistant (broken in all 32 bit releases).
1. Added: License button on Help About dialog. Displays end user license.
2. Improved: List of modified or created documents now presented when Pronto is closed. Avoids repeated “Save changes to” message box during shutdown.

Changes to Beta 116 (build 116) 25 Feb 2004 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Support for PM2000 Meter Logger.
2. Fixed: Entry now removed from Logger toolbar when a Logger address is deleted from the Logger address book.
Logger Configuration
1. Changed: Logger Configuration information moved to PRONTO.EXE from PRONTO.PDA. Prevents “Incorrect system database” problem.
2. Fixed: Bug in “Channel Off” command when used from right click drop down menu on configuration.
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: Pronto now generates more meaningful data stream names by using the name of the channel function from the system database.
2. Fixed: Decode failure on data from a PM6000 with waveform capture when very first waveform in a session is captured.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Dual Cursor dialog under GRAPH-CURSORS-DUAL-CURSORS. Allows measurement of differences between two data points on a trace.
2. Improved: Insert Trace dialog allows selection of multiple traces.
3. Improved: Graph Cursor dialog allows selection of time resolution.
4. Improved: Format Graph command includes preview window.
5. Improved: Format Font command now available for a multiple selection.
6. Fixed: Bug causing mouse drag handles to be drawn the wrong size at large view magnifications.
7. Fixed: Problems drawing wide styled lines for Plot area on a graph.
8. Fixed: Mouse cursor disappears when placed over arrow handles.
1. Improved: Version of MODBUS32.DLL checked at start-up.
2. Changed: Default Footer for documents changed to “Pronto for Windows” from “Rustrak Ranger”.

Changes to Release 5.32 (build 115) 02 Dec 2003 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Problem causing reset of Report Print Settings each time the dialog is called.
2. Fixed: Problem causing creation of separate math data streams for each session in the input data stream.

Changes to Release 5.31 (build 114) 25 Nov 2003 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Improved: Added trap and warning message for math stream Add-On modules that have slope inversions.
2. Changed: Disabled creation of math data streams for data recorded using enhanced point store mode.
1. Added: Help file updated to include functions added since release 5.21.
2. Fixed: Unable to read access levels from database error when enabling passwords. (broken in 5.30).

Changes to Release 5.30 (build 113) 17 Nov 2003 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for math data stream generation using data from HA5000, HPL and PM6000.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: FORMAT-ARRANGE-AXES command now sets trace order in legend to match trace order on graph.
2. Improved: Trace Cursor add on modules now also passed max and min for each trace.
1. Added: TOOLS-ADD ONS command for configuration and management of installed add on modules.
2. Changed: Product Key now required for Pronto.
3. Changed: ProView Plus no longer required for SV100 file support.
4. Fixed: Crash on Windows NT4 on a system with no add on modules.

Changes to Beta 112 (build 112) 30 Oct 2003 (Win32 build)

Pronto Views
1. Added: FORMAT-ARRANGE-AXES command. Allows changes to axis order and splitting of traces on the same axis onto two axes.
2. Added: Support for Trace Cursor dialog add on modules, contained in a DLL.
3. Added: “All Graphs and Charts” or “Selection Only” setting to FORMAT-ARRANGE GRAPHS command.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Linear math function.
2. Fixed: Use of unsupported data formats as inputs for math functions.

Changes to Beta 111 (build 111) 22 Oct 2003 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for math function add on modules, contained in a DLL.
2. Added: FILE-REPORT PRINT OPTIONS menu item. Allows setting of what to include in a Project or Exception Report.
3. Added: Row giving total duration of all exceptions to Exception Reports.
4. Fixed: Divide by zero error when generating a report from data created using a math function.
Pronto Views
1. Added: “Insert time and all values” to Trace Cursor dialog.
2. Added: “Hide streams already present on the view” check box to Insert Trace dialog.

Changes to Beta 110 (build 110) 06 Oct 2003 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Changed: Order of buttons on Logger toolbar.
Pronto Views
1. Changed: ALT F8 keyboard shortcut, now places main window in top right corner of screen.

Changes to Beta 109 (build 109) 30 Sept 2003 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for math generated data streams.
2. Added: Data stream matching setting to prevent creation of new data streams when input calibration changes. Accessed throughTOOLS-OPTIONS-DECODE, and ‘Matching’ button on ‘Select Project for MDM File Data’ dialog.
3. Fixed: Problem importing Sv100 files with exact multiples of 256 records.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Insert Trace dialog enhanced to give more information and allow direct creation of math streams.
1. Added: ALT F8 keyboard shortcut, captures the main window directly to a bitmap file (saves to folder specified in registry value User InfoScreenSaveDir).
2. Added: CTRL F8 Keyboard shortcut, sets application main window to exactly 640*480 or 800*600 or 1024*768 pixels. Useful for consistency when capturing screen for documentation.

Changes to Release 5.21 (build 108) 28 Aug 2003 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Logger toolbar.
2. Fixed: Problem downloading 1531 Meter Socket Logger.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Text in graph legend and from text boxes can now be copied into other applications as text.
2. Fixed: Max, min and average given for transient store traces when no data inside graph zoom limits.
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: When printing the project contents, the Datastreams section now includes a column giving the channel function.
2. Improved: More information given on Tool tip for Datastreams or sessions.
3. Fixed: Added trap when importing Sv100 files for sessions containing only a single data point.
1. Added: Gripper to bottom right corner of resizeable dialogs.
2. Improved: File open now allows selection of multiple files.
3. Improved: Default path dialog is now resizeable and allows root path to be changed (accessed using TOOLS-OPTIONS-GENERAL-FILE LOCATIONS).
4. Fixed: Warning message “Failed to update registry” no longer displayed at application startup when running under a restricted account on Windows NT.

Changes to Release 5.20 (build 107) 18 July 2003 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for 230400 baud.
2. Added: Indication of line quality during download.
Pronto Views
1. Fixed: Orientation of arrows changes when adjusting items on page to fit in margins or when rescaling to new paper size.
2. Changed: Default layout from “mosaic across then down” to “tile horizontal”.
3. Changed: Default display of statistics in legend from”yes” to “no”.
4. Changed: Default display of vertical gridlines from “no” to “yes”.
1. Added: Hyperlink to baud rate information in help file on address book dialogs.

Changes to Beta 106 (build 106) 28 June 2003 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Changed: No longer use TransmitCommChar() API to avoid hang due to bug in Serial to USB converter drivers.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Double-click in zoom mode now zooms all selected graphs.
2. Fixed: Occasional invalid trace statistics in the legend.
1. Added: Tip of the day dialog at startup.
2. Added: Hyperlink to on about and tip of the day dialogs.
3. Added: Support for Product key (not present in distributed builds).

Changes to Release 5.19 (build 105) 23 May 2003 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Improved: More information on firmware given in New Hardware dialog.
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Crash when decoding files created by unreleased beta firmware for PM6000 waveform capture.
1. Fixed: Problems with installation program on Windows NT / 2000 and XP.

Changes to Beta 104 (build 104) 14 May 2003 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Changed: Disabled software flow control for directly connected Ranger 2 Loggers as work-round for bug in Serial to USB converter drivers.
Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for configuration of PM6000 with wave capture.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Tool tips on snapshot traces give the reason the cycle was captured.
2. Added: VIEW – MAGNIFICATION commands.
3. Improved: Page border, Header, Footer and margins shown when not in “Scale to Window” mode.
4. Improved: Further modification to grid line drawing code to improve visibility on high resolution printers.
5. Improved: Usability of Page set-up dialog.
6. Improved: When page size or orientation is changed objects are more accurately re-arranged.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for PM6000 wave capture files.
2. Improved: Widths of columns in contents list are no longer reset when category changed.
3. Fixed: Support for Cut, Copy and Paste when editing session or data stream names in the contents list.
1. Added: View options page to TOOLS-OPTIONS dialogs to allow user to define default view magnification.

Changes to Release 5.18 (build 103) 13 Feb 2003 (Win32 build)

Pronto Views
1. Improved: View templates now assign traces to the Datastreams selected in Project window rather than the first matching Datastreams found.
2. Fixed: Gridlines do not appear on screen or with low resolution printers on systems running windows NT4, 2000 and XP (Broken in release 5.17).
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: Right click menu appears when project is empty.

Changes to Release 5.17 (build 102) 06 Feb 2003 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: RUN NOW command to scheduled events dialog.
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Objects outside margins are detected when printing and message asking if they should be automatically re-positioned is shown.
2. Improved: When page size or orientation is changed message is shown asking if items on the page should be automatically re-arranged.
3. Fixed: Problem with Y axis divisions in graphs.
4. Fixed: Styled grid lines not drawn correctly on high resolution printers under Windows NT, 2000 and XP.
5. Fixed: Cannot enter long text in header or footer using page set-up dialog or in graph title, subtitle or caption using graph assistant.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for Sv100 rev 2 TXT and CMP file formats.
2. Fixed: Import of Comma Separated file failed when last few lines of file contain commas but no values.
1. Fixed: Problem on Windows ME where working directory defaults to “temporary internet files” after file open or save dialog shown.

Changes to Release 5.16 (build 101) 25 Nov 2002 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Support for PM3000.
Logger Configuration
1. Added: Support for configuration of PM3000.
2. Improved: Math channel no longer turned off if parent input channel function changed but still compatible. Affects Ranger 4 and PM3000.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Trace statistics now shown in legend. Show or hide statistics using FORMAT-GRAPH menu. Default setting accessed through TOOLS-OPTIONS-GRAPH-SETTINGS.
2. Improved: A trace can now be selected by clicking on its entry in the legend, as well as directly on the trace.
3. Fixed: Harmonic charts not displayed in Windows NT4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
4. Fixed: Cut and paste of a harmonic chart into third party applications.
5. Fixed: Grid lines not drawn correctly on high resolution printers.
6. Fixed: Selecting “graph using assistant” was actually “graph using defaults” settings when graphing data after download.
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Out of memory error while saving recordings from PM6000 with lots of rate changes.

Changes to Release 5.15 (build 100) 30 Aug 2002 (Win32 build)

Logger Configuration
1. Added: Channel on-off function accessed though right click menu in configuration view.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Floating point storage mode support, Used for imported Sv100 files.
2. Fixed: Battery at start and end now correct in exported DTA files (incorrect in all previous Win32 builds).
1. Changed: Graphing, Exception and reporting data limits increased to +/-10,000,000 from +/-100,000.

Changes to Release 5.14 (build 99) 30 Jul 2002 (Win32 build)

Pronto Views
1. Added: Clip and exclude modes to trace statistics dialog.
2. Improved: FORMAT ARRANGE GRAPHS defaults to “Fit to Page” when all graphs on the view are selected.
Pronto Projects
1. Improved: Filename added to Sv100 import error messages.
2. Fixed: Crash in multiple import dialog if files added after all files removed.
1: Added: Help for modified trace statistics dialog.

Changes to Release 5.13 (build 98) 10 Jul 2002 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Error recovery to Sv100 compressed file import. Import can continue after some data errors are encountered.
1: Added: Help for Sv100 error recovery dialogs.

Changes to Release 5.12 (build 97) 12 Jun 2002 (Win32 build)

Pronto Views
1. Improved: Tool tips on Views include trace maximum, minimum and mean.
2. Improved: Tool tips on Views can be disabled on General page under TOOLS-OPTIONS.
3. Improved: FORMAT ARRANGE GRAPHS no longer requires pre-selection of graphs.
4. Fixed: Only one page printed when selecting Print on Print, Pan and Repeat preview screen.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: IMPORT DIRECTORY command on FILE menu, imports all files in a directory and any sub directories. Support for drag and drop of directories from Windows Explorer also added.
2. Added: Support for Sv100 compressed mode files.
3. Added: Support for Sv180 files with up to 160 channels.
4. Added: Support for Power Master with wave capture.
5. Improved: Error handling for Sv100 import.
6. Improved: Project Contents list can be sorted by clicking on column headings.
7. Improved: When data stream category selected, contents list includes the channel function.
8. Improved: Data stream, session and exception list names can be edited directly in contents list.
9. Fixed: Problem with import of Sv100 binary files that use channel 16 or greater.
1: Added: Help for IMPORT DIRECTORY function.

Changes to Release 5.11 (build 96) 04 Apr 2002 (Win32 build)

Pronto Views
1. Added: Support for Print, Pan and Repeat.
2. Fixed: Crash in print preview (present since release 4.0).
1. Fixed: Crash during exit with passwords enabled and incorrect password entered.
1: Added: Help for Print, Pan and Repeat function.

Changes to Release 5.10 (build 95) 08 Mar 2002 (Win32 build)

Pronto Projects
1. Added: Tool tip support for the Project contents window
2. Improved: Error detection and reporting when importing CSV files.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Tool tip support to views when the mouse cursor is over a trace.
2. Improved: FORMAT ARRANGE GRAPHS now also works with charts.
3. Fixed: Crash when opening a view when a graph has more than one title, subtitle, or caption. Affects views created in Pronto 5.07 only.
1. Added: Check on presence of default directories for each file type at start up.
1: Added: Help topics for functions added since 5.04a.

Changes to Beta 94 (build 94) 01 Feb 2002 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: Problem setting network address above 32767 in address book.
2. Fixed: Problems caused by system shutdown or user log off with an active Logger connection.
3. Fixed: Second scheduled event fails due to modem or switchboard recovery time.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for graphing data immediately after download.
2. Improved: Error detection when importing CSV files.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Support for View Templates.

Changes to Release 5.07 (build 93) 29 Nov 2001 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: PM6000 data transfer more robust.
Logger Configuration
1. Improved: An open configuration is now always saved before upload.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Decode options page on TOOLS-OPTIONS dialog, Includes Use Default Project flag to skip Select Project dialog.
2. Added: Support for decoding PM6000 downloads when extension data is present (data discarded or saved to file depending on registry settings).
3. Fixed: Bug causing waveforms from HA5000 not to be decoded and saved. Affects sessions with more than 1.5 days between snapshots (broken in all previous Win32 builds).
4. Fixed: Cancel button on progress dialog during SV100 import now works..
Pronto Views
1. Added: VIEW-PROPERTIES menu for item for selected trace.
2. Fixed: Problem opening Views when a graph has a title, subtitle, or caption. Affects views created in 32 bit Pronto 5.02 and earlier and all 16 bit Pronto versions (broken since release 5.03a).
3. Improved: Views now saved in same format as 16 bit Pronto for backward compatibility.

Changes to Release 5.06 (build 92) 31 Oct 2001 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: List of recently used Projects to save data into now contains all Projects that data from this particular Logger has been saved to.
2. Fixed: Decode errors when saving PM6000 data where a hook-up change has invalidated channels.
3. Fixed: Unknown status error message connecting to a PM6000 that is OFF with a full memory.
Logger Configuration
1. Fixed: PM6000 input calibration displayed and set incorrectly after editing.
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Bug causing incorrect display of unsigned adaptive data from RR2 (broken since build 86 affects counter, RPM and frequency modules).
Pronto Views
1. Improved: Zoom dialog can now be used when multiple graphs are selected.
1. Fixed: Chart of harmonic magnitude relative to fundamental displays values low by a factor of root 2 (this problem is present in all previous harmonic releases i.e. since 4.4).
2. Fixed: Harmonic cursor not shown after view is saved and reopened (problem present since 4.4).

Changes to Release 5.05 (build 91) 01 Oct 2001 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Control Panel is now modeless, user can graph downloaded data without closing connection.
2. Added: Pronto displays connection timeout dialog just before closing control panel.
3. Improved: Pronto now sets “use network address” flag in address book if user connects to a Scout.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Copy and paste of data between projects and directly onto graphs and views.
2. Added: Support for getting complete Logger configuration file from a saved session out of a PM6000. Accessed through PROJECT-CONFIGURATION menu item.
3. Improved: Empty sessions or data streams are now removed when project data is deleted.
4. Improved: Diagnostic information given on message box when database accesses fail.
5. Improved: Diagnostic information when attempting to import SV100 or CSV files and support is disabled.
Pronto Views
1. Added: Cut and copy support for graphs into other applications in Enhanced meta-file format.
1: Added: “Press F1 for Help” text to all message boxes.
1. Fixed: No attempt is made to open an unsupported document type. Previous releases attempted to open any unknown document as a view (which then failed).
2. Fixed: Ranger firmware revision displayed correctly for configurations and on control panel (broken in build 89).

Changes to Release 5.04a (build 90) 20 Aug 2001 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: Logger is not responding error when connecting to a PM6000 that is powered down.
1. Fixed: Problem running on NT4.0 due to missing CreateToolhelp32Snapshot API on this operating system. This was broken in build 89.
1: Added: Missing help topics for message prompts.

Changes to Release 5.04 (build 89) 16 Jul 2001 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Improved: Playback data transfer process now more robust on PM6000. Retries on overrun and some other communication errors.
Logger Configurations
1. Added: Support for PM6000 math functions introduced at firmware 0.124.
RMS of input voltage channel (high resolution).
Crest factor of channel X
Positive phase sequence (PPS) ratio
Negative phase sequence (NPS) ratio.
1. Fixed: PM6000 Ident now set correctly when editing a configuration on-line.
2. Improved Overwrite of user configurations in PM6000 now trapped.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for SV100 Binary and Text mode files under FILE-IMPORT. Option available if SV100 support software is installed.
2. Fixed: PM6000 low alarm levels now saved correctly to database (in previous 32 bit releases both high and low alarm levels were set to the high alarm level).
1. Added: Support for adding separate utilities to the TOOLS menu.
2. Fixed: PM6000 Firmware version now displayed in same format as Logger.
3. Improved: Performance when loading configuration database for channel description lookup.
4. Improved: Progress dialog bigger to reduce abbreviation of path names during decode and import.

Changes to Release 5.03a (build 88) 25 May 2001 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: Playback at 38400 in HA5000 (broken in all previous 32 bit builds).
Logger Configuration
1. Fixed: 3 phase AC maths now offered for Rangers. (broken in all previous 32 bit builds).
2. Fixed: Crash in release builds when selecting 2 and 3 phase AC power maths in Rangers.
Pronto Projects
1. Changed: When importing CSV files average is now calculated as area under trace rather than sum of all samples except first (makes very little difference).
2. Fixed: Session properties dialog now shows battery at start correctly. Was using battery at end (broken in all previous 32 bit builds).
Pronto Views
1. Added: Most recently used list when editing graph title, subtitle and caption.
2. Added: Insert button for text giving cursor time and value to Graph Cursor dialog.
3. Added: Support for &N field in header and footer.
4. Improved: Corresponding legend entry now highlighted when a trace is selected.
5. Fixed: Graph Level dialog now inserts correct text when time is above.
1. Added: Print Preview button to toolbar.
2. Fixed: Problem with time zones caused by new MFC42.DLL version 6.10.8637.0
3. Fixed: Problem with unreadable text in dialogs and messages due to MFC42LOC.DLL.
4. Fixed: Problems running under a restricted user account on Windows NT or 2000. Now works correctly if Profile Per User is enabled.
5. Fixed: Printing problems on Windows 2000.
6. Fixed: Pronto now opens correctly at last used position on systems with multiple monitors.
7. Changed: Icon has word Pronto at bottom instead of Rustrak.

Changes to Release 5.03 (build 87) 12 April 2001 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Support for user entered serial port names instead of just COM1 to COM4.
2. Added: Support for checking if the Logger is recording when disconnecting. Accessed through the TOOLS-OPTIONS-LOGGER menu.
3. Improved: Reduced risk of overflow error when playing back at 38400 from Ranger Loggers.
4. Fixed: Negative channel values now correctly displayed on control panel.
5. Fixed: Problems with setting Ranger2 clock remotely over network serial ports.
6. Fixed: Problems communicating with Rangers remotely over network serial ports.
7. Fixed: Display of record and alarm flags for PM6000 on control panel.
Logger Configuration
1. Fixed: Problems setting calibration in Ranger input channels. Present in all previous 32 bit builds.
2. Fixed: Problems setting up Ranger math channels. Present in all previous 32 bit builds.
3. Fixed: Compensated (ChX) maths was displayed as
“ChX * m ^ (ChT – r)”, changed to:
“ChX * m ^ (r – ChT)” which matches actual function in Ranger. This minor problem has been present since Pronto release 4.00 and first release of Ruscon for DOS.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for CSV file import. Use FILE-IMPORT menu item or drag and drop. Only enabled if a Ranger or PM6000 file has been played back within last 28 days.
2. Added: Right click menu support to Project window.
3. Added: VIEW-PROPERTIES menu item (duplicates functionality of Properties button.
4. Added: Data stream properties dialog is now resizable.
5. Added: Exception list properties dialog is now resizable.
6. Improved: Error handling and recovery when updating a Pronto Project from an earlier version.
Pronto Views
1. Added: New graphs use the last entered title, subtitle and caption.
2. Added: Graph Assistant keeps a list of the last used titles, subtitles and captions.
Scheduled Events
1. Fixed: Check Status Limits for battery can now be set appropriately for the PM6000.
2. Improved: When a Scheduled event is created or edited the selected Logger (or Group) is checked to see if it is correctly configured for use. The user can edit the address directly if required.
1. Added: Header and footer dialogs for all documents maintain a list of most recently used. All new documents use the first in this list when they are created.
2. Improved: Parsed file paths now use serial number from PM6000 in same way as it is displayed.
3. Improved: Resizable dialogs now remember the size between uses.
4. Improved: Display of sample rate for variable rates now gives the first rate in use.

Changes to Release 5.02 (build 86) 19 Feb 2001 (Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: Problem with stopping responding when two PM6000 Loggers with the same serial number are connected.
2. Fixed: Info on PM6000 Downloads was not being entered in Log.
3. Improved: Playback to MDM file now offers the default MDM file spec as an initial filename rather than nothing.
Logger Configurations
1. Fixed: Configuration pages now close when user clicks OK for a PM6000.
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Error decoding events in variable adaptive mode (caused last event only to be saved).
2. Fixed: Measurement type for PM6000 channels is now correctly maths (was unknown).
3. Fixed: Bug causing GPF when graphing user events in variable adaptive mode and more than one user event present (occurs in projects decoded using 5.02 or later and displayed in 5.01).
Pronto Views
1. Fixed: No vertical cursor shown in GRAPH-CURSOR when used after GRAPH-LEVEL on the same graph.
2. Fixed: Gridlines were always drawn as a solid line when printing (now correctly drawn in user selected style).
3. Fixed: Truncation of text in Graph Assistant Step 6 dialog on screens in small fonts mode.
4. Fixed: Problems with wrap over in adaptive and variable adaptive store max and min plots (when delta max and min are large). Present in all previous releases including Pronto for DOS.
Scheduled Events
1. Improved: Status Check Results page of TOOLS-OPTIONS dialog traps use of output mode ‘Append to existing’ when log file names use %N or %L specifiers.
1. Improved: When file paths are displayed on a dialog the path is abbreviated to fit the space available rather than to a fixed number of characters. This optimises the abbreviation for all screen modes and system fonts).
2. Changed: Copyright date on splash and about screens incremented to 2001.

Changes to Release 5.01 (build 85) 01 Dec 2000 (Win16 / Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: Problem with application going idle when talking to PM6000, causing no response seen until mouse moved (broken in build 84).
2. Improved: Error handling when setting the time in a Ranger. Information shown to user on error is also more informative.
3. Fixed: Error handling when user clicks cancel on stop recording for download message.
1. Fixed: User information now saved in correct registry key during Win32 set-up.
1. Added: Help for functions added since build 72 (Release 4.54).

Changes to Beta 84 (build 84) 21 Nov 2000 (Win16 / Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Added: Control panel dialog can now be re-sized to display more than 12 channels at once.
2. Fixed: Serial number for data from a Ranger was always 1 when decoding (broken in build 83).
Logger Configurations
1. Fixed: Maths channels that are dependent on another maths channel are now correctly disabled when the parent channel function ischanged. This problem has been present since build 63.
Pronto Projects
1. Added: Support for battery at start and end greater than 5.11 volts.
2. Added: Support for 31 character Ident as used in PM6000.
3. Added: Support for saving the complete Logger configuration with each decoded session.
4. Changed: Handling of checksum when building MDM files from PM6000 to allow for presence of checksum in files from the PM6000.
5. Added: Session properties dialog is now resizable to allow all contributing channels to be viewed.
6. Fixed: Alignment of column headings in project view now correct for all screen resolutions.
1. Added: Displayed channel information is how specific rather than generic (using configuration database).For example generic < Ch16 == Ch x * constant > is now displayed using channel set up as <Ch16 == Ch 3 * 1.234 >.
2. Fixed: Full 48 bit PM6000 serial number now displayed whenever used.
3. Fixed: Help contexts for message boxes not being set on Win32.

Changes to Beta 83 (build 83) 02 Nov 2000 (Win16 / Win32 build)

Logger Communications
1. Fixed: Error when setting Logger clock due to implementation of daylight saving time routine in win 32 MSVC runtime library(There was a bug in the run-time library shipped with C++ 4.2 that Pronto build 79 had a work-round for.The bug in the library was fixed in C++ 6.0 but the work round no longer fixed the problem).
2. Fixed: Incorrect error message given for system errors on Win32 (proprietary error codes worked ok).
3. Added: Support for PM6000 session file version 1 with checksums.
Logger Configurations
1. Fixed: Import of Ruscon CFG files (broken since build 81).
2. Fixed: When retrieving a configuration from an on-line Ranger Logger the maths channels are always off (broken since build 81).
3. Fixed: When retrieving on-line configuration from Ranger Logger maths channels units were truncated at 2 characters (broken since build 81).
4. Changed: Read configuration from PM6000 logger is now a simple file transfer (improves forward compatibility).
5. Fixed: Loading a configuration with the same name as an existing configuration on a PM6000 now trapped.
6. Added: Support for PM6000 configurations file version 2 with checksums.
Address Book
1. Fixed: Crash when clicking ADD on Logger address book dialog on WIN32.
Pronto Views
1. Fixed: TRACE-STATISTICS insert positions invalid on Win32.
2. Fixed: FORMAT-GRIDLINES dialog no longer allows editing of gridline colour (because of problems this causes with selection).
3. Added: GRAPH-LEVEL dialog allows statistics to be inserted onto the graph.
4. Fixed: GRAPH-LEVEL dialog occasional small error in calculation due to end of session effects.
5. Improved: GRAPH-LEVEL dialog responsiveness during recalculation.
6. Fixed: Graphs with right axis (not stacked) overwrite legend (present since release 4.00 !!).
Pronto Projects
1. Fixed: Old data stream name was being used for graph legend when graphing data after changing stream name (through data stream properties dialog).
2. Added: Support for leaving project open after saving data from download, MDM file import or DTA file import.
3. Added: Support for ignoring Ident when matching data streams during saving of Logger data.
4. Fixed: Sessions and Data streams list updated correctly during data import.
5. Added: Exception time now saved to 1 nanosecond precision (was only to preceeding second boundary).
Wait for Call
1. Fixed: Visual alarm in Wait for Call does not work under Windows 95 (applies to both 16 and 32 bit releases on this operating system).
2. Fixed: Wait for call does not work (at all) on Win32.
3. Added: Wait for call now retries after 10 seconds if initial start-up attempt fails.
1. Added: Support for drag and drop of old Ruscon .CFG files, MDM files and DTA files from Windows Explorer.
2. Fixed: Size of some dialog items increased to prevent truncation of displayed items.
3. Fixed: Problems with case sensitivity when opening an already open file on Win32.