APPNOTE: Running a PM Series Simulator under PMScreen

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Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

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Target Audience

This article is aimed at:

  • Distributors and Advanced Users of the Power Master (PM) series of Data Loggers.


PMScreen is a remote screen application that when connected to one of the PM series of Data Loggers provides a remote display of the whatever is currently present on the screen on the instrument.

For the benefit of training, evaluation and demonstration of the PM series, simulators are available that run on a normal Windows Computer and provide, through PMScreen.exe, the full user interface for the Product that they emulate.

This application note describes the steps to setup and run PMScreen.exe to use any PM series Simulators present on a users machine.

Before You Start

Ensure that a copy of PmScreen.exe is present on your computer, this will have been installed with Pronto for Windows revision 5.33 or later.

Ensure that any simulator files you wish to use are present on your machine, It is recommended that you place these in the same directory to which Pronto for Windows was installed. This is normally:



C:\Program Files\Pronto4w


Perform the following steps:

  • Start PMScreen.exe, you will find a shortcut in the Pronto for Windows Folder on your Start menu.
  • On the Connect to Logger or Simulator dialog select Simulator and the type of Simulator to which you want to connect and click on Continue.
  • PMScreen will present the Specify the Location of the Simulator executable dialog.
  • Browse to the folder where the relevant Simulator file resides, select it and click on OK.
  • PMScreen will launch the simulator and display the user interface for the Logger. You may use the mouse to navigate through the various menus.