APPNOTE: Set-up for the Microsoft drivers and the PM7000

Article ID: 061129sab-2
Last Reviewed: July 7, 2023

See APPNOTE:Connecting to a PM7000 using a Bluetooth link for more information.

Step 1: Create a Device-Pairing between your PM7000 and your computer.

1.    On the Taskbar of your computer right-click on the bluetooth icon symbol in the bottom right corner and select Open Bluetooth Settings from the menu.
2.    On the Devices page click on Add. This opens the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard.
3.    On the Welcome step set the checkbox My device is setup and ready to be found and click on Next.
4.    On the Select device to add step click on your PM7000 and select Next.
5.    On the Do you need a passkey step select the item Let me choose my own passkey, enter the passkey for the PM7000 (the default is “1234“) and click on Next.
6.    Wait for the device pairing to complete then make a note of the Outgoing COM port assigned to your PM7000.
7.    Click Finish to close the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard this returns to the Bluetooth Devices dialog.
8.    To view the COM port assignments at another time you may select the COM Ports tab.
9.    I recommend you remove any Incoming ports assigned to a PM7000 as these are not usable.

Step 2: Run PmScreen.exe on your Computer.

1.    Launch the application PmScreen.exe
2.    On the Connect menu select the item Setup Connection.
3.    On the Connection Info dialog check the Serial Line Details indicate the COM port created above in step 1, and the baud rate is 115200, if not click on the  Change button.
4.    On the Modbus Options dialog select the COM port created in step 1 and set the baud rate to 115200.
5.    If you wish, click on Advanced  and change the Protocol to Modbus BIN mode ( this is faster than ASC mode). Click on OK.
6.    Click Close on the Connection Info dialog.

Instructions for the next or subsequent time you connect to your PM7000

After the first time, the only step necessary is to Run PmScreen.exe on your Computer.