APPNOTE: Using Gemini TinyTag Temperature Loggers with Pronto for Windows

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Last Reviewed: July 7, 2023

The information in this article applies to:

  • Using a Gemini TinyTag temperature Logger with Pronto For Windows 5.72 or later.

Target Audience

This article is aimed at:

  • Advanced users who wish to use a Gemini TinyTag Temperature Logger together with Power Quality data from Ranger Power Master Products.


Pronto for Windows 5.72 or later supports the import of files in the comma separated value format produced by the Gemini TinyTag Explorer Software. This application note details the Steps required to import this data.

Before You Start

You will need all of the following:

  • An installed copy of Pronto for Windows version 5.72 or later.
  • A Pronto “Function Key” to enable support for TinyTag data import. This is not the Pronto “Product Key” printed on the CD sleeve.  Please contact your distributor for more information.
  • An installed copy of the TinyTag Explorer software (Version 4.8 is recommended).
  • A TinyTag Data Logger that monitors temperature, Pronto has been tested with the TGP-4520 dual channel Logger. It is likely that data from other Loggers in this range will also import correctly.

Download and Export the TinyTag Data

To produce a CSV file that Pronto can import, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect the TinyTag Logger to your computer using the provided lead.
  2. Launch the TinyTag Explorer software in the normal way.
  3. Select the menu item LOGGER – GET DATA, to start the download from the TinyTag Logger.
    Wait for the download to complete and the graph to be shown.
  4. Select the menu item FILE – SAVE. This archives the data in the TinyTag Explorer format allowing review later if required.
  5. Select the menu item VIEW – TABLE OF READINGS, this shows the values recorded.
  6. Select the menu item FILE – EXPORT ALL CELLS to save the values in CSV format, use a memorable file name as this will subsequently be used by Pronto.
  7. You may close TinyTag Explorer at this point.

To Import a TinyTag CSV file

To Import the File exported at step 6 above, perform these steps:

  1. Launch Pronto for Windows.
  2. Select the menu item FILE – IMPORT, in the Files of Type drop-down, select Delimited Text (*.csv)
  3. Browse to the location of the file exported in the section above, select it and click Open.
    Pronto will process the file and present the Select Project for Imported Data dialog.
  4. On the dialog use the Browse or New buttons to select a project into which you want the data downloaded.
  5. On the dialog select Autosave all sessions to transfer the data into the selected project.

Pronto requires write access into the directory in which the TinyTag CSV file resides. Pronto does not change the original TinyTag CSV file but converts it into Pronto CSV format saving it to a new filename in the original directory before importing the converted file.
Pronto supports drag and drop of multiple files. You may select one or more TinyTag CSV files in Windows Explorer and drag them all together into Pronto for import.


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