APPNOTE: Windows CE Devices known to work/not work with PmScreen

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Last Reviewed: July 7, 2023

The information in this article applies to:

  • A Windows CE Device (Tablet or Mobile Phone) when used with PmScreen to communicate with a Power Master PM1000, PM2000, PM3000, PM7000 Analyser and PM7000FLM (Fault Level Monitor).

Target Audience

This article is aimed at:

  • All users of Windows CE devices with the PM1000, PM2000, PM3000, PM7000 or PM7000 FLM.


The PM1000, PM2000, PM7000 and PM7000 FLM do not have a built in display. The user interface is displayed remotely either on a personal computer or on an Android or Windows CE device using a special piece of software called PmScreen.

This application note details those Windows CE devices that have been used with PmScreen.

Devices known to work

It is expected that any device with Windows mobile 2003 (Windows CE 4.2) or later will work. This list is those that have been tested successfully.


Manufacturer Device Notes
Asus VivoTab ME400 Tablet, Intel Atom Dual-Core, 64GB, Windows 8 Tested with PmScreen and Pronto. Pronto works well for downloading and viewing data as well as communicating via PmScreen. Although graphing power quality data is fully functional, fault level data, however, cannot be viewed until graphics drivers on the tablet can be updated (not currently available).


Manufacturer Device Notes
HTC Corporation HTC Velocity 4G X710b reported OK by Central Test and Measurement.
HTC Corporation HTC One V reported OK by Synergy Systems.
HTC Corporation HTC Touch2 (Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro) no issues.
HP HP iPAQ 2210 (Windows Mobile 2003 / Windows CE 4.2) very reliable (original development platform).
HP HP iPAQ 2410 (Windows Mobile 2003 second edition / Windows CE 4.21) no issues.
HP HP iPAQ Business Navigator 614c (Windows Mobile 6.0 Pro) no issues.
HP HP iPAQ 110 (Windows Mobile 6.0 Classic) very reliable, used extensively by Outram Research.
Dell Axim x51 (Windows Mobile 5.0) works but somewhat prone to hanging and needing a soft reset.

Devices known not to work:

Manufacturer Device Notes
HTC Corporation HTC Desire does not work with OS 2.2. Reported by Synergy Systems.

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