ERRORMSG: Incorrect Pronto system database version

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Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

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The message Incorrect Pronto system database version is shown under all of the following circumstances:

  • When attempting to graph data from a Pronto Project.
  • When trying to open a Logger configuration (either off line or while connected to an instrument).


This is due to a mismatch between the revision of the Pronto system database file installed on the system and the revision expected by Pronto for Windows. This database is called PRONTO.PDA and is normally installed into the same directory as the Pronto executable.

There are currently 4 different revisions of the PRONTO.PDA file.
Revision 1.01 shipped with Pronto releases 5.00 to 5.03,
Revision 1.02 shipped with Pronto release 5.03,
Revision 1.03 shipped with Pronto releases 5.04 to 5.15,
Revision 2.02 shipped with Pronto releases 5.16 to 5.32,
This file is referred to in the ODBC settings for Pronto and is “system global”. That is, on a system with multiple installations of Pronto, all will use the same PRONTO.PDA. Normally the PRONTO.PDA file used will be the first one that was ever installed on the system. This system global setting leads to the following limitations:

  • Pronto releases that do not share the same PRONTO.PDA file cannot co-exist on the same system.
  • When installing a new Pronto release on a system that already has Pronto installed, it should be installed into the same directory as the existing copy.


To resolve this problem, remove and reset the ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) settings for Pronto.

Perform the following steps.

  • Ensure Pronto for Windows is closed.
  • On the Windows Taskbar click on the START button and select RUN.
  • On the Run dialog type in “ODBCAD32.EXE” and select OK to open the ODBC Administrator.
  • On the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog select the USER DSN tab.
  • On the USER DSN tab select the entry “Pronto Projects 32bit” and click on REMOVE.
  • Confirm removal of the Pronto Projects 32bit data source and click on OK to close the ODBC administrator.
  • Start Pronto for Windows and follow the instructions on screen to restore the ODBC settings.