ERRORMSG: ODBC Microsoft Access driver login failed

Article ID: 170511sab
Last Reviewed: May 17, 2001

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The message “ODBC Microsoft Access driver Login failed” is shown together followed by a Login dialog under all of the following circumstances:

  • When attempting to graph data from a Pronto Project.
  • When trying to open a Logger configuration (either off line or while connected to an instrument).


This problem is caused by an invalid ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) set-up.


To fix the ODBC settings perform the following steps.

  • Ensure Pronto for Windows is closed.
  • On the Windows Taskbar click on the START button and select RUN.
  • On the Run dialog type in “ODBCAD32.EXE” and select OK to open the ODBC Administrator.
  • On the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog select the USER DSN tab.
  • On the USER DSN tab select the entry “Pronto Projects 32bit” and click on REMOVE.
  • Confirm removal of the Pronto Projects 32bit data source and click on OK to close the ODBC administrator.
  • Start Pronto for Windows and follow the instructions on screen to restore the ODBC settings.