PROBLEM: Gridlines faint or missing on high resolution printers

Article ID: 021202sab
Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

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When printing a graph on a printer with better then 300 DPI resolution the gridlines do not appear, or are very faint.


This problem is caused by the line width setting used for gridlines on Pronto graphs. To achieve the best visual effect on a monitor Pronto sets the gridline width to 1 device pixel, rather than an explicit width. A typical monitor has a resolution around 80 to 90 DPI, so that one device pixel is about .26mm or 10 thousandths of an inch wide. Some modern printers achieve resolutions of 2400 DPI or better, the gridlines are then so fine as to be almost invisible. Some printer drivers have bugs that exacerbate this problem by an inability to print lines at such a fine line width.



Upgrade Pronto for Windows to release 5.16 or later.


Use a printer with a lower resolution.


Set the resolution for the printer to 300 DPI or less.


Ensure that you are using the most recent drivers for your printer.