PROBLEM: Imported SmartView data is split into different data streams

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Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

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When importing multiple SmartView data files into a Project, Pronto places sessions from the same SmartView channel into different data streams.


The data is split into different data streams because of a different assumptions Pronto makes about the data while importing.

Problem Details

When Pronto imports SmartView data it tries to work out the maximum decimal places and data type appropriate for the data, using the following procedure.

First Pronto looks at the file header which (for example) in all sessions:

H02, 1.000000, 7.000000,5, 4, 4, CPM,              Gamma

In this header the user has specified a display maximum and minimum of 7.0 and 1.0 respectively.

Then after Pronto has scanned the data it looks at the maximum and minimum values in the data which are as follows:

 Session         maximum         minimum
02022005            211             134
02032005          20810               2
02042005            207             131
02042005            212             130

Pronto then works out the number of decimal places and data type for each session using the outer limits of either the session or the user entered maximum and minimum.

The number of decimal places and data type is worked out from which of these ranges fits the data:

Maximum    Minimum    Decimal Places   Data type
0.29999   -0.29999            5        signed
0.59999          0            5        unsigned
2.9999     -2.9999            4        signed
5.9999           0            4        unsigned
29.999     -29.999            3        signed
59.999           0            3        unsigned
299.99     -299.99            2        signed
599.99           0            2        unsigned
2999.9     -2999.9            1        signed
5999.9           0            1        unsigned
Otherwise        0           signed

For sessions on 02, 04 and 05 of Feb, using the table above, Pronto will assume 2 decimal places and signed data.

For the session on 03 Feb again using the table above Pronto assumes 0 decimal places and signed data.

Because Pronto assumes a different number of decimal places for the session on 03 Feb, a new data stream is created for this session.


If you edit the header in each of the files so that the user maximum and minimums match those seen in the data then Pronto will select the same decimal places and data type for all sessions.

for example change the header in each file from:

H02,  1.000000,  7.000000,5, 4, 4, CPM,               Gamma


H02,  1.000000,  29000.00,5, 4, 4, CPM,               Gamma

Then re-import the SmartView data into Pronto.

If you change the display settings in the SmartView, this will save you from having to edit any new files created. Alternatively use a global find and replace utility to automatically edit all the SmartView files before import.