PROBLEM: Incorrect equation displayed for math data streams

Article ID: 050711sab
Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

The information in this article applies to:


The equation for certain math data-stream functions is incorrectly displayed. This problem applies to:
1) Cubic math stream function,
2) Quadratic math stream function,
3) Linear math stream function.
when one of the terms of the math function has an integer value ending in zero such as  10, 20, 50, 120 etc

For example a linear math stream function generated using the equation:
Y(x) == 10 * x + 3
has its equation displayed as
Y(x) == 1 * X + 3
The values for the data stream are however generated correctly.


There is a bug in the number formatting routine for certain math stream functions. Integer values ending in zero have trailing zeros removed.


Upgrade Pronto for Windows to release 5.40 or later.