PROBLEM: Ranger Scout does not connect unless powered down

Article ID: 030605sab
Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

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Pronto for Windows produces the following error message when trying to connect to a Scout for download or the control panel.

The Logger is not responding. Check the connections and COM port settings. Then try again.

If the Scout is powered off using the keys the connection usually succeeds.


The Scout data logger requires the Use Network Address flag to be set int he Logger address book.

Pronto makes three attempts to wake up a Ranger data logger during the connection process. Each attempt starts by setting a break state on the serial line then a delay is followed by a series of bytes that constitute a Wake Up command. The delay between the break and the Wake Up command is about five seconds when the Use Network Address flag is set and only a few milliseconds otherwise. If the Scout is powered down then by luck the third time Pronto sends the Wake Up command happens to occur at the time the Scout starts listening following the five second delay after the second serial break.


Set the Use Network Address flag in the Logger address book.