PROBLEM: Unable to enter Ethernet Configuration Screen using PmScreen

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Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

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In PmScreen after clicking Main Menu – Configure – Utilities – Configure Ethernet, the status is shown as Entering Config with the progress arrow. After about 20 seconds the status changes to Starting Up then finally Data Link open and a button Re-enter command mode appears. Clicking on the button or going back and retrying never succeeds. In addition the LED on the module furthest from the lid flashes red about once every second.


Both of the following must be true:
1) The Ethernet module is in DHCP mode.
2) The Ethernet cable is not present or the network does not have a DHCP server.


Due to a limitation in the Ethernet module, the module never enters command mode (I suspect it is waiting for the DHCP server to issue an IP address).


Any of the following 3 solutions:

  1. Connect the Logger to an Ethernet network with a DHCP server before trying to configure the module.
  2. Using the USB or Bluetooth interface, connect to the Logger using TermView and send the <MoxaReset> command. Then either,
    Keep sending the <MoxaStatus> command until the status response is Data Link open.
    Wait twenty seconds then click on the button Re-enter command mode in PmScreen.
  3. Press and hold the small red button inside the RJ45 connector on the module, then
    Wait while the right hand LED flashes six times and goes out, then release the red button.
    Wait a further twenty seconds then click on the button Re-enter command mode in PmScreen.

If solutions 2 or 3 are used the Reset to defaults button on the Configure Ethernet screen should be used to restore the module back to the settings preferred by the PM7000.


APPNOTE: Get started using TermView.exe, the Ranger text terminal utility

APPNOTE: Utilities Installed with Pronto for Windows.