SERVICE: Re-formatting the Flash drive in the PM7000

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Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

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The PM7000 is provided with an internal Flash drive of 128 MBytes.
This application note details the process required to reformat this drive.


A re-format of  the internal drive will erase recorded data and any other files. Please ensure any important data present on the drive is saved before the drive is re-formatted.
Firmware release 1.021 and later save user configurations before starting the format, then restore them afterwards.

To re-format the Flash drive

Follow these steps:
1)    Connect to the Logger using TermView (see APPNOTE: Get started using TermView.exe, the Ranger text terminal utility )
2)    At the prompt enter the command:
PM7000> FDREFORMAT <safetycode>
where <safetycode> is the “command protection safety code” (if you are not aware how to obtain the safety code for a particular Logger please contact your distributor).

The PM7000 will produce the following output (release 1.021 or later).

PM7000> fdreformat XXXXXXXX
Copying    CurrentConfiguration.clc             1188 bytes to Ram Drive
Copying    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.plc             1188 bytes to Ram Drive
Reformatting Flash Drive ..
Restoring  CurrentConfiguration.clc             1188 bytes
Copying    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.plc             1188 bytes to Ram Drive
Saved 3 and restored 3 files


APPNOTE: Utilities Installed with Pronto for Windows.