SERVICE: Updating Logger Firmware

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Last Reviewed: March 16, 2016

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Target Audience.

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  • All users of Ranger Power Master Series Data Loggers.


This application note details the method of downloading the latest firmware into the Ranger Power Master Series of Data Loggers.

Before you start

Have a look on our website on our Firmware Updates Page to see if you have the latest firmware in your Logger. If not, contact your distributor or Outram Research Ltd to request the most recent firmware update.

If you are eligible you will be sent the latest update as a .ZIP file. This file needs to be unzipped and placed into a suitable directory. We suggest you create a directory under the Pronto4w directory called /PMx000 Firmware.

Connecting to the Logger

Apply power to the Logger and connect to it using the USB, RS232 or Infra-Red Cable (you cannot update firmware using Bluetooth).
Verify you can talk to it by running PMScreen or Pronto and stop recording if it is doing so. This is simply to prove the communications path is open and make sure the Logger is ready for your update.

Installing the firmware

When you are confident of communications, note the COM port being used and close whichever the application was (PMScreen or Pronto).

  • Find the executable “Flashsyw.exe” under the Pronto4w directory.
  • Double click on it to launch.
  • Ensure the “Allow changes to Advanced settings” checkbox is ticked.
  • Set all three baud rates (Initial Baud, Boot code baud and Sector Transfer) to the baud rate relevant to your Logger:
PM Model
Initial baud
Boot code baud
Sector transfer

Note: if you would like more help with FlashSys, please press F1 when you have the program open. This will bring up the relevant ‘Help’ page.

  • Set the COM port to whichever you used to communicate earlier.
  • Now click the “Browse” button and browse to the Pronto4w/PMx000 Firmware directory and click on the unzipped new firmware file, e.g. PM7000Beta1176.raw, to put this into the “File to Load” box.
  • Click “Load Upgrade”.
  • This should then go through the update process and take about 80 seconds to complete.
  • Close “Flashsyw.exe”.

The Logger should now be updated with the new firmware, which should be displayed on the first Logger screen after wake-up (i.e. Logger front panel). The configuration should not have been disturbed.