Auto-Ranking Waveform Capture System

Outram Research’s Auto-Ranking Waveform Capture is designed to manage the high speed waveform data as it is recorded by the logger. It tracks and ranks multiple categories of sub-cycle transient and other problem event types and discards smaller events when larger ones occur. This automatic real time data management process has these advantages:

  • Events captured: Transients, falls (sags), rises (surges), notches, rings, THD (Voltage) and Total Harmonic Current.
  • It captures the best, most revealing events without any prior knowledge of what might happen. Setting thresholds is not necessary.
  • It increases quality of data at the same time as reducing volume and consequently speeds up download time as well as making review easier.
  • It works equally well over short and long recording periods.
  • It is continuously re-triggerable and does not require re-arming. This way no data is missed.
  • The waveforms captured are normally up to 2 cycles before the event and up to 5 cycles after. However captures may be extended up to 60 seconds after the event with different extensions for individual triggers.


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