Automatic Reporting of Harmonics Survey Results


Latest Version of Pronto Released with Automatic Harmonics Reporting Comparing Harmonics Survey Results to ENA Recommendation G5/4-1.

Carry out a full harmonics survey with a PM7000 Power Quality Analyser and automatically compare those results to the limits set out in ENA Recommendation G5/4-1. Create a detailed report, full of graphs and tables, with just a couple of clicks of the mouse using the automatic ‘G5/4 Report’ button, in our Power Quality Software, Pronto for Windows.

As well as tables full of power quality data from each recording, pass/fail results on the full harmonics spectrum (1st-50th order) on both voltage and current are presented in tables for easy analysis. Individual graphs of all odd harmonics on each of phase recorded also allow the user to view offending harmonics data in more detail. There are sections for notes and recommendations for management or survey customers as well as further Power Quality graphs to give a more rounded view of a network/recording and potentially a steer on finding the route of the harmonics seen (phase angle graphs).

After filling out a few initial ‘Report Assistant’ boxes with your details these are then saved in your own software copy for future reports allowing you to create a new harmonics survey report on the same or a different site in minutes.

Six PM7000 configurations are available to load straight into your logger which cover all the parameters the G5/4 report requires in the majority of measurement scenarios. Contact us and we’ll send them to you via email. The report can still be generated using other configurations as long as General Parameters, recording 1st-50th harmonics on all 8 channels, are set to measure in 10 minute intervals or less.

For more information and a copy of an example report, please contact our sales team on (sales email address) 01243 573050.



Wow, this report is so much quicker and easier to generate than with a [competitor]

Power Quality Engineer at ABB, UK, 2016.