Our information storage technique, the patented Adaptive Store, has proved to be an exceptionally good performer in the field.

The main attribute of this technique is its ability to reproduce trend data accurately and at the same time sample at a fast enough rate over long periods of time to reproduce anomalies faithfully and deviations from the trend. The ability to do this is not present in any other storage technique.

This is a very rigorous requirement for conventional recording techniques and becomes more and more rigorous as the recording time increases.

Adaptive Store in more detail

Outram Research Ltd’s Adaptive Store recording mode is designed to make the best use of available memory, to meet two conflicting requirements:

  • To provide long-term trend data, observing the worst extremes of maximum and minimum values, and;
  • To provide detail where new activity occurs, i.e., detecting and capturing sudden changes in real time and does not require any prior user description. The only required user parameter is the total time of the recording.

Single Cycle Adaptive Store™ recognises the unpredictability of future signal activity by employing its 13 predictive algorithms, against which all samples are tested as they are received. This unique method of anticipating the possible signal path and testing each sample for conformity has these advantages:

  • It spreads out the computational load uniformly over time
  • It allows for immediate reaction to transients
  • It works with extremely long recording periods.


The Ranger Adaptive Store recording mode is the most powerful automatic data compression system available on any data logger.

For a more detailed explanation on Single Cycle Adaptive Store™ and other aspects of our software visit our Knowledge Base .