APPNOTE: Connecting to a PM7000 using the USB cable

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Last Reviewed: July 6, 2023

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  • Users of the PM7000.


The PM7000 provides Ethernet, USB and Bluetooth interfaces.
This application note details the steps to install the USB drivers and establish a connection to a PM7000.

See details of our PM 7000 Power Quality Analyser.

Before you start

This depends on your operating system and the presence of an Internet connection.

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 with an internet connection,
Connect the PM7000 to your computer and wait while the drivers are installed automatically.

Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11 without an internet connection,
A copy of the drivers will be needed. Download the latest drivers from: . Although drivers are present on the Pronto install disk, It is not recommended that these are installed unless they are quite recent.

Installing the PM7000 drivers automatically

The instructions below are for Windows 10. Other operating systems will differ slightly.

1)    Plug the square (type B) end of the USB cable into the PM7000 port and the flat (type A) end into a spare USB port on your computer.
2)    Windows will show a notification about Installing Device Driver Software.
3)    Once complete a notification saying USB Serial Port (COM X) installed successfully will appear.

Installing the PM7000 drivers manually

The instructions below are generic, details may vary depending on the Windows version. Other operating systems will differ slightly.

1)    Plug the square (type B) end of the USB cable into the PM7000 port and the flat (type A) end into a spare USB port on your computer.
2)    Windows will display the Found New Hardware Wizard
3)    On the Welcome to the Found New Hardware page where you are asked Can Windows connect to Windows Update select No not this time  and click Next.
4)    On the This wizard helps you install software page select Install from a list or specific location and click Next.
5)    On the Please choose your search and installation options page:
a)    select Search for the best driver in these locations
b)    clear the check for search removable media
        c)    set the check for include this location in the search
        d)    enter the location where the drivers are saved (on the Pronto CD or if you downloaded them, the location where they were saved).
e)    Click on Next.
6)    Wait while the installation completes then click on Finish.

7)    The Found New Hardware Wizard will be shown again to install the second part of the drivers. Repeat steps 1 to 6 above and the installation will be complete.

Connecting to the PM7000 with Pronto for Windows

The PM7000 requires Pronto for Windows Release 5.50 or later.

1)    Start Pronto for Windows.
2)    If the Startup Assistant is not shown select the click on the Help menu and select the item Startup Assistant.
3)    On the Startup Assistant Step 1 click on Control and/or Download data from a Logger.
4)    On the Startup Assistant Step 2 click on Create new connection settings.
5)    On the Startup Assistant Step 3 select the PM7000 from the list (it is at the top) and click Next.
6)    On the Startup Assistant Step 4 select the Port labelled COMXX FTDI USB Serial Port and click Finish.

Connecting to the PM7000 with PmScreen

The PM7000 requires PmScreen Release 2.0 or later.

1)    Start PmScreen.
2)    On the Connect to Logger or Simulator dialog select Logger and click Continue.
3)    If the The Logger is not responding  message is shown click on Yes.
4)    On the Modbus Options dialog:
a)    Select the port labelled COMXX FTDI USB Serial Port.
b)    Set the Baud Rate to 921600.
c)    If you wish, click on Advanced and set the Protocol to Modbus BIN mode (this is about 30% faster than ASC mode).
d)    Click OK.

Tips on using your PM7000

To prevent the COM port number changing, try and always use the same USB port on the computer when connecting your PM7000.