APPNOTE: Connecting to a PM7000 with a PDA using a Bluetooth link

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Last Reviewed: July 6, 2023

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Target Audience

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  • All users of the PM7000 with a PDA.


The PM7000 does not have a built in display.  Instead, its user interface is displayed remotely on a PC or a PDA.
This application note gives the procedure to setup and run the PM7000 user interface when using a Bluetooth link to a PDA.

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Before you start

You will need a copy of the following application installed on your PDA,
PmScreen.exe, see APPNOTE: Installing PmScreen on a PDA
(Note that PmScreen for the PDA is saved to your computer when Pronto for Windows is installed. The files are PmCeSetp.exe or

The instructions depend on your PDA operating system

Click on the link below depending on the mobile operating system on your PDA (to find out which mobile operating system you have: on the Start screen of your PDA click on the Start button then select Settings from the menu. On the System tab select the item About ).

Click here if using Windows Mobile 2003 (including second edition)
Click here if using Windows Mobile 5.0

See also:

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