APPNOTE: Setting up a Personal Digital assistant for use with the PM1000

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Last Reviewed: July 7, 2023

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  • All Users of PDA(s) with the PM1000.


The PM1000 does not have a built in display. The user interface is displayed remotely either on a personal computer or on a Personal Digital Assistant using a special piece of software called PmScreen.
This application note details the steps required to install and configure PmScreen on your PDA.

Checklist for the Logger:

Check that you can communicate with the PM1000 using PmScreen running on a Laptop or Desktop PC and the Actisys infrared adaptor supplied with the Logger.

Check that your PM1000 has firmware 1.007 or later installed before attempting to use it with a PDA You will find the firmware revision displayed just below the text PM1000 series on the first screen.

Checklist for the PDA:

Check your PDA for the presence and location of its infra red interface, the infra red window on your PDA will be a shiny almost black dark red.

Check your PDA is running Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 or later ( sometimes referred to as Microsoft Pocket PC 4.20). To find out which version of Windows your PDA is running, click on Start-Settings then on About.

If your PDA is running Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 second edition. Ensure that the screen orientation is set to Portrait rather than left or right handed Landscape. You can change the orientation under Start-Settings on the System tab under Screen.

Ensure Receive all incoming beams is disabled. You can access this setting under Start-Settings on the Connections tab under Beam.

Installing PmScreen on your PDA

See: APPNOTE: Installing PmScreen on a Personal Digital assistant

Running PmScreen on your PDA for the first time

To run PmScreen.exe, click on its program icon under  Start-Programs.

As PmScreen starts you will see the introduction screen, Follow the instructions to setup your PDA.

PmScreen will ask you which serial port to use to communicate with the Logger. You must identify which port is the Raw IR port. This is somewhat complicated by different PDA’s using different descriptions for their serial ports.  The Raw IR port may be called any of: Native IR, IRDA, IRUART or some similar name. NOTE that some PDA’s will also have an IRCOMM and possibly a CIR port (PmScreens cannot use either of these).

Common issues when running PmScreen on a PDA

When trying to connect to the Logger PmScreen presents the message:
   The following error occurred while connecting to COM2:
Error: The specified network resource or device is no longer available.

Check that Receive all incoming beams is disabled (see the checklist for your PDA above).

See also: APPNOTE: Setting up the backlight on a PDA for use with PmScreen.