ERRORMSG: Pronto has been denied write access to its profile settings

Article ID: 220330smp
Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

The information in this article applies to:

  • Pronto for Windows releases before 5.74 running on Windows 10 and 11


When Pronto is launched, the following error message appears:
“Pronto has been denied write access to its profile settings stored in <registry subkey>. This is probably due to restrictions in your access rights on this computer. Pronto cannot continue and will exit”.


This problem is caused by using an older version of Pronto which is incompatible with Windows 10 and later.


To solve the problem, uninstall your current version of Pronto and re-install using the latest installer.

NB: During the install, ensure the install location is <C:\Pronto4w> instead of the default <C:\Program Files\Pronto4w>.

It is recommended to run the web updater, PMUpdate, when you are prompted to do so the first time you launch Pronto.
The updater can also be run directly from within Pronto by selecting “Help” in the menu bar, then clicking “Check for updates”.

See information on:
Known Issues During Installation of Pronto for Windows and
Known Issues Running PMUpdate (the web update utility)
for further assistance on installing Pronto.