SERVICE: Re-formatting the Ram or Flash drive in the PM3000

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Last Reviewed: July 10, 2023

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The PM3000, PM2000 and PM1000 are provided with either an internal RAM drive of 1 MByte.
This application note details the process required to re-format this drive.
These instructions are for the PM3000, the PM2000 and PM1000 may differ very slightly.
A PM3000, PM2000 or PM1000 with the memory upgrade (8, 16, 32 or 64 MB) use an internal Flash drive, however, the re-format instructions are unchanged.


A re-format of  the internal drive will erase recorded data and any other files. Please ensure any important data present on the drive is saved before the drive is re-formatted.
You may use Pronto to download recorded data and PmFiles to save any user configurations (see APPNOTE: Get started using PmFiles.exe the Ranger file manager).

To re-format the Ram or Flash drive

Follow these steps:
1)    Connect to the Logger using TermView
(see APPNOTE: Get started using TermView.exe, the Ranger text terminal utility )

2)    At the prompt enter the command:
PM3000> REFORMAT <safetycode>
where <safetycode> is the “command protection safety code” (if you are not aware how to obtain the safety code for a particular Logger please contact your distributor).

The PM3000 will produce the following output.

PM3000> reformat XXXXXXXX


APPNOTE: Utilities Installed with Pronto for Windows.