Fault Level Management a key contributor to SP Energy Networks RIIO-ED2 Business Plan towards a Net Zero Electricity Network

To have our Innovative Real Time Fault Level Monitor be classed as a SP Energy Networks RIIO-ED1 Highlight (p.36) is a real pat on the back for Outram, but more important to us is the tangible belief that Real Time Fault Level Monitoring is a key aspect of their RIIO-ED2 plans as well. With considerable reference to Fault Level Management in their RIIO-ED2 Business Plan, we are pleased to be working with SPEN into the next pricing control period to “facilitate lower cost generation connections around their network” and “enable the new DSO operational systems needed for the Net Zero electricity system” (p51, p59 and elsewhere).


Outram’s unique Real Time Fault Level Monitor will drive the proposed Fault Level Management with its unique set of measurement parameters – the fault level (short circuit current) i.e. the worst case current that will flow in the event of a fault. Other technology will be used to drive network changes as a result of those measurements enabling increased renewable generation connection at lower costs, actively managed connections and more, all contributing to the UKs low carbon targets.