New PM3000 Integrated Memory Extensions available

In this issue of Outram News we announce the new extended memory capabilities now available in our PM3000 Power Quality Analysers. We also offer our top tip on one of the most common power quality problems, Flicker, explaining the importance of recording and displaying Instantaneous Flicker Sensation, an Outram/Ranger exclusive. Finally, we have created a […]

Record the Greatest Disturbances

In this issue we look at the way that the Power Mater Series captures and organises data and helps you solve your power quality issues more quickly and easily. Read on to find out more about our Autoranking Waveform Capture of Greatest Disturbances and Extended Transients. New Capture the Greatest Disturbances in Detail, Every Time […]

New Templating Function

Example graph

Welcome to the first email newsletter from Outram Research. We will use these updates to inform you of new developments to the Power Master Analysers and Pronto and to remind you of some of their existing benefits. In this issue we describe the latest enhancement to Pronto; a comprehensive graph templating function that is designed […]