New PM3000 Integrated Memory Extensions available

In this issue of Outram News we announce the new extended memory capabilities now available in our PM3000 Power Quality Analysers. We also offer our top tip on one of the most common power quality problems, Flicker, explaining the importance of recording and displaying Instantaneous Flicker Sensation, an Outram/Ranger exclusive.

Finally, we have created a short online survey to help us find out which power quality analyser features you value most. Please help us by clicking on the link and completing the survey later in this newsletter.

New! More memory available in our PM3000 Power Quality Analysers to enable faster problem resolution

Voltage Spikes

We can now offer the PM3000 with a choice of 1MB, 8MB, 16MB, 32MB or 64MB integrated memory. Although the standard 1MB PM3000 measures down to a single cycle, the extra memory capacity allows for more detail to be recorded and made available to the user over longer recording periods. This gives you enhanced profiles of disturbances including dips, sags, surges and overall harmonic levels as well as providing better resolution of phenomena such as Instantaneous Flicker Sensation – more about this later.

As an example, 64MB of memory combined with our Single Cycle Adaptive Store™ recording regime allows you to record and store data on all 16 channels, down to single cycle detail simultaneously for up to 2 months at a time. This graph shows you the kind of detail you can get.

The increase in single cycle detail can show more clearly the relationship between volts and current, enabling the user to determine if problems are occurring upstream or downstream of the point of measurement. He can then work out whether it is the electricity supply or something in the installation that is the cause of the issue. In this example it is the installation.

To find out more about the new memory extensions and whether your existing PM3000 can be upgraded contact us on +44 (0)1243 573050.

Measuring Instantaneous Flicker Sensation – Why is it important?

Detailed Flicker Report

The second most common Power Quality problem, Flicker, is the name given to changing light intensity caused by voltage fluctuations.
Standard analysers can give you Flicker averages over 10 min (Short Term) or 2 hr (Long Term) intervals, but these measurements are not always enough to establish the source of a Flicker problem.

Exclusively Outram Analysers record and present another mandatory Flicker parameter! Instantaneous Flicker Sensation (Pfs) is a very short term assessment of Flicker which allows you to see the correlation between the Flicker and the RMS voltage which produced it. Some voltage disturbances cause flicker and some don’t. Pfs can show you which ones do, therefore helping you to pinpoint the cause of the Flicker, for example testing motor start ups which are very short events.

Here is a detailed graph of Flicker parameters over a 6hr period

Notice how all five parameters can be viewed together for comparison.

Call +44 (0)1243 573050 or visit our website to find out more about Flicker and Instantaneous Flicker Sensation and how Outram PM Series analysers can measure and record this challenging parameter.

Outram Online Survey

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