Outram ISO9001 Certified

ISO 9001 Certified

Key Facts:

  • Internationally recognised certification for the design and manufacture of quality goods.
  • First audit post certification passed
  • Strong quality management procedures in place for continual and effective improvement of Outram Research Ltd

Outram have passed their first audit since their initial ISO9001 certification back in August 2013. The certification has been awarded by UKAS accredited ISOQAR.

The company finally have external recognition for the ongoing procedures in place that ensure manufacture of the highest quality goods and improvement of both its internal processes and offerings to their customers.

Outram Research’s Quality Management Policy

The directors and management of Outram Research Limited are committed to the continual improvement of the organisation, by a solid foundation of integrity and core values focusing on product research, design, marketing and the manufacturing of specialist products e.g. long term recording electronic power quality analysers, fault level monitors and associated software.

By listening and responding to the voice of our customers, suppliers and distribution partners we will continue to gain valuable information to understand our existing and potential market needs and requirements.

We will analyse and review all negative feedback (complaints) as critical data for continual process improvement.
We will continue to focus on delivering high quality products and services, and to drive out the cost of poor quality, thereby, developing improved efficiency in our processes without sacrificing the effectiveness and quality of the products and services delivered to our customers.

The objective is to create a ‘right first time, every time’ culture.

Our most essential assets are our people. We will continue to employ people who satisfy our high standards regarding personality and character (the ability to fit into the Outram team culture and philosophy), qualifications, experience and flexibility. We are committed to the continual professional development, training and coaching of our people, this will be achieved via regular communication, and performance reviews.

We will continue to develop a safe and comfortable working environment as a step towards protecting the health and welfare of our people, and visitors.

When it is within our knowledge and capabilities to do so we will protect our people and all interested parties against harm resulting from our actions, products or services, and hazards that may place a potential risk against safety, health, environmental, or business aspects or impacts.

We will continue to source updates in legislation, as we are committed to meeting our legal obligations.
We will ensure that the required resources (people capabilities, equipment, facilities, tooling, budget and planned time) are suitably provided or available to enable us to meet the desired outcome.


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