Outram Power Quality Analysers given Remote Display Upgrade

Android user interface on tablet

Key Facts:

  • New advanced functions on remote display
  • Identify load by examining waveforms
  • Indication of harmonics using all Outram’s Bluetooth enabled power quality monitors, including PM1000 and PM3000, without downloading data

Power quality analysers from Outram Research have been given new advanced functions with an upgrade to their remote display software. Operators can now use a Bluetooth-connected Android smartphone or tablet to view more live waveforms and obtain an immediate indication of network performance even on the company’s less powerful models.

The new features make it possible, for example, to identify the type of load by examining the shape of current waveforms or to look up harmonics to determine if significant voltage harmonics are present. These live parameters can be viewed up to 10 m from the power quality analyser as soon as the unit is connected.

These features add to the capabilities of Outram’s PM1000 and PM3000 power quality analysers, and were previously only available on the company’s more powerful PM7000 model.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Outram power quality analysers use sophisticated data processing technology to monitor and analyse utilities’ power distribution networks as well as industrial, commercial and domestic installations.

Able to measure hundreds of individual parameters, such as voltage, current, power, frequency, phase angle, individual harmonics, sags and swells, they can save money by identifying energy losses and preventing damage to electrical equipment.

All models include Adaptive Store, an automatic data compression system that records the chosen parameters in greater detail (down to a single mains cycle) whenever the signal pattern deviates from the predicted trend – without the need to set any thresholds.


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