Winners of the Best Electricity Network Improvement Award at the 2019 UK Energy Innovation Awards

Winner - Best Electricity Network Improvement - UK Energy Innovation Awards 2019

We are very pleased to announce that our Real Time Fault Level Monitor has been crowned the Best Electricity Network Improvement at the UK Energy Innovation Awards 2019!

Joe McNeil, NIA Programme Delivery Manager at SSE:

‘Outram’s Real Time Fault Level Monitor offers a valuable tool that allows for problems to be dealt with quickly and efficiently in real time. It has fantastic potential to improve management and detection processes across electricity network assets.’

More information on our entry can be found here.

We must thank SP Energy networks, specifically Ralph Eyre-Mayer, Mo Khaddoumi and Geoff Murphy for their unwavering support. It’s been an exciting development processs so far and we look forward to also working closely with UK Power Networks and Northern Ireland Electricity over the next few months as settle more RTFLMs into more points across multiple networks.

The Outram team with the Electricity Innovation Award trophy

We had a fantastic awards dinner and evening, thanks to the Energy Innovation centre, spread around the room, with John and Valerie invited onto the SP Energy Networks table, Kate as part of the Innovator Impact Panel sitting with many of those giving out awards and Duncan on the National Grid table.

We are very much looking forward to what the next year brings!