New Fault Current Measurement Technology Shows Promising Results in Trials with ScottishPower

RMS Fault Level 90ms After Fault

Key Facts: New technique to predict fault current delivers outstanding results in first stage of field trials Accurate calculation will reduce utility costs by eliminating unnecessary network and switch gear reinforcements Remaining stages of work will reduce network vulnerability due to downstream motors and renewable energy sources when delivering power in a fault condition Outram […]

Southern Company Dramatically Speeds Up Power Quality Problem Resolution with Outram Research


Key Facts: Southern Company uses PM7000 to reduce time to identify cause of power quality problem Adaptive Store captured disturbance without the need to set triggers High sample rate faithfully reproduces anomalies and deviations from the trend Pump control in sewage plant found to be causing residential lights to flicker Outram Research Ltd – a […]

New Firmware allows Outram Power Quality Analysers to Capture Extended Transients

Key Facts: Allows recording of transient events for up to 60 seconds Applications include monitoring network recovery from sags and to view the reaction of downstream control systems Configuration files maintain forwards and backwards compatibility Automatic termination of recording for sags and surges Outram Research Ltd – a specialist manufacturer of leading-edge power quality analysers […]

Outram Research Collaborates with ScottishPower to Improve Electrical Grid Planning

Key Facts: New technique calculates fault current by observing normal operation of the grid Allows accurate planning of breakers and other key components Avoids unnecessary over-specification of components New patent-pending technique developed by UK company Outram Research Field trials underway to show that algorithm is accurate in real-world situations Outram Research Ltd – a specialist […]

New Power Quality Analyser Features Identify Problems Caused By “Green” Device

Key Facts: First power quality analyser to record phase difference between harmonic voltage and current Helps identify problems caused by energy-efficient power supplies and low-energy CFL light bulbs Measures voltage and current phase difference up to 50th or 120th harmonic Free-of-charge firmware upgrade for existing analysers Outram Research Ltd – a specialist manufacturer of leading-edge […]

New Template Function Makes Power Quality Analysis Faster and Easier

Key Facts: Consistent graphs with just two clicks Simple traffic-light approach indicates which templates are available for stored dataset Only analysis software to offer ease-of-use without compromising power or functionality Applications include consultancy reports and troubleshooting Outram Research Ltd – a specialist manufacturer of leading-edge power quality analysers – announces the launch of an enhanced […]

Outram Announces Bluetooth® Support Across its Entire Family of Power Quality Analysers

Key Facts: First power quality analyser manufacturer to offer Bluetooth® across entire product range Enables remote control, configuration and real time display of power quality data including harmonics on a PDA More comprehensive display including live waveforms and transients/events in the Ranger PM7000 Bluetooth supplied as standard with PM7000 Outram Research Ltd – a specialist […]

Outram power-quality analyser revolutionises on-site detection of power-losses for PQE Ltd

Key Facts: Enhances field measurements of power quality and on-site detection of power losses for trouble-shooting specialist, PQE Ltd Automatic download to USB memory-stick provides unlimited memory capacity and eliminates the need to take a laptop on-site Industry-leading power-quality analyser captures IEEE 1459 and IEEE 100 parameters to support customer energy-reduction initiatives Outram Research Ltd […]