Power quality issues can be resolved more quickly with the latest software from Outram

Pronto software

A major new release of the Pronto power quality software package from Outram Research makes it possible to find and evaluate power supply issues, report to the Standards and solve customer complaints even more quickly. The Windows-based program is used to extract data from Outram’s Power Master family of power quality analysers and display it in a clear and functional format for analysis.

Users of the upgraded software can now see all the power quality events in a recording, such as sags, surges, interruptions, transients etc, on the same graph, with a single click. This and other new and flexible presentation tools enable retrieved data such as voltage, current, power, harmonics, flicker and phase angle to be displayed for analysis in an even wider variety of formats, using any combination of parameters.

Whether for long term monitoring, troubleshooting unknown power quality issues or preventative maintenance, Pronto’s improved event navigation, including enhanced waveform ranking, makes it possible to find power distribution anomalies more easily, all without pre-setting any thresholds in the recoding analyser. Data from different sessions and different models of analyser can be linked together allowing multiple recordings to feed into the same power quality analysis task.

Ten minute averages, as required in standards such as EN50160, can be created automatically using easy to follow ‘assistants’ and pre-loaded templates. Saved templates allow recreation of the same graphs and tables from multiple datasets with just a few clicks.

Powerful 2D and 3D fault level graphing, depicting the worst case fault level at the measurement point, is also available when Pronto retrieves data from Outram’s PM7000 FLM power quality analyser. This enables unique and comprehensive analysis of network Fault Level capacity.

“Our Pronto software offers users unprecedented flexibility in the presentation of results. It is also included in the price of each logger with future upgrades free of charge so finding and getting to the bottom of power anomalies has never been so straightforward or cost effective,” said John Outram, Managing Director of Outram Research.

Other key features include one click, flexible graphing of tabulated data, exceedance reports, summary reports, bar graphs and vector diagrams, with unlimited traces on a screen.


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