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CPD Fault Level Training now available

  Outram Research Ltd now provide CPD certified training on the “Basics of Fault Level”. An experienced Engineer can visit your offices to provide one hours training, with certificate of attendance, on Fault Level, what it is and why it is important.   We look at all the different factors that affect or contribute to […]

DCP 161 – Help reducing excess capacity charges

On the 1st April 2018, Ofgem introduced DCP161 in an effort to ensure that half hourly (HH) metered customers are being billed fairly and correctly for their available capacity (kVA). All HH customers have an agreed size of supply (kVA) as part of their supply contract. The implications of DCP161 are that HH customers whom […]

How to prevent voltage sag

When it comes to issues with power, most facility owners are most concerned about the potential havoc that can be wreaked by power outages. But it is not only losing power completely that can cause enormous problems for businesses and operations – voltage sags can seriously affect the running of systems. They are also typically […]

Low Carbon Networks and Innovation Conference 2017

We’ve just signed up to exhibit again at our favourite conference of the year, LCNI 2017, which this year is being held at The International Centre, Telford on the 9th-11th December 2017. It’s a great opportunity to learn about new and existing innovation projects in the Electricity and Gas sectors. All the right people from […]

New Release of PmGateway Android Application


We have released our newest Android Application (App.) PmGateway. Reduce the time taken to visit site collecting recorded data. Simply set up PmGateway to email your results back your inbox whether you are on the move or at your desk. The PmGateway App is loaded onto an Android mobile ‘phone or tablet and can be […]

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…PM3000 is the best product in my shop

The reason I think your PM3000 is the best product in my shop is the reliability and the software. I use 5 different brands of recorders and this one by far has been the most reliable. The software updates are great, with the 60 day reminders. The layout of the software and every single function make it simple and user friendly unlike most products.

Greg Ellis, Electrical District #3, Arizona USA, 2014